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All mountain carver

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HI guys

Just a quick question on some carving skis recommended to me.

I from Australia, and we dont get much powder down here. i have always gone the all mountain ski because i generally only have one pair of skis at a time - but i have recently realised that i seem to do alot of carving when waiting for the elsuive powder day and i do like hitting the bumps/tree's.

I was recommended the elan speedwave 12 or the fischer progressor at 72 underfoot cant remember which model that was.

So, any advice on these skis re mogul skiing and there ability to go all mountain whilst still being placed in the carver/race ski category.

Thanks in advance.
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I ski in AUS too (Mt Buller) Where do you ski?
I ski on Metron B5's they are great all mountain skis, but are not very stable at high speeds and really are tough on you knees. I demoed some Progressors, and I loved them, great high speed carver, didnt get to try them on any serious amounts of powder, but was promised they can hold up well on most conditions. I would recomend them both. In AUS I wouldnt go for anything with a long radius as there is just no point. Both the Metron (12m I think) and the Progressor have short radius's, the progressor is set up with a SL tip (quick turn intitiation) with a GS body (holds on to turn longer)
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Hello, I recently buy a pai of Elan Mag8, I'm intermediate level ski...what do you think about it, because i was looking for Elan Speedwave 8 and maybe can change it.
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Another good ski to add to your list would be the Head SuperShape Magnum. Lots of fun - serious hard snow carving performance, but it's got a nice wide shovel and 71 waist that make it much better in choppy and fresh stuff than a mid-60mm pure carving ski.
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