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Yesterday's Choice....

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Yesterday came and went.

Nothing really out of the ordinary, just another day of work. The sun rose and set normally. The usual things happened.

But it was a day that I made a decision.

About 2 weeks ago, I was informed that my supporter status with EpicSki would be terminated on 7/15. Yes, I had enjoyed that status since it's inception, in recognition of previous efforts on behalf of EpicSki, as a contributor, coach, fundraiser, and event organizer.

This didn't really create a dilemma in my mind, just another decision to be confirmed.

Do I pay to not participate on a board which used to mean a great deal to me, or just let it go?

As I have watched EpicSki begin it's slide into the ranks of mediocrity over the past few years, it seems to be intent to continue in that direction. Despite the efforts of some members to reverse that direction, it may be too far down that path. That's too bad!

Oh yes! It's arguably the largest ski site on the internet, by registered members. And it does have a great deal of valuable information available, if a person is so inclined to sort it out from the incredible amount of chaff. But that effort is too great for most people, so they accept more and more of the garbage being spouted as fact. The valid information has gotten buried beneath so many layers of crap, and has gotten distorted by the countless psuedo-technicians who are more than happy to shout their gospels to any individual who might listen.

This level of 'noise-to-signal' has resulted in some of the best contributors reducing their input, or in many cases, virtually disappearing!

As EpicSki becomes more and more commercialized, the soul which it was founded on gets smaller and smaller, till one day it will not remain at all, except in the memories of those who might have stuck around since way back when. It is a re-enactment of much of what has happened to the ski industry as a whole over the past couple of decades
For those of you newer members (2004+), it might behoove you to look up some of the old threads(1999-2004) to obtain a sense of the development of EpicSki, and you may also find a clarity of information which no longer exists in the majority of current threads. Certainly you will notice the lack of bickering, esoteric grandstanding, and overall BS.

Yes, EpicSki has changed over the years, and in my opinion, not much of it for the better. For me, the loss of it's soul was the greatest factor in my decision to NOT make any effort to renew my supporter status.

I have enjoyed the time spent here, and truly enjoyed those Bears I have met and had the opportunity to ski with. The early ESA's and ETU's will always remain in my memory as some of the most worthwhile events I have ever been involved with.

No doubt I will occasionally lurk around, if for nothing else than to get a laugh out of what ever the next latest, greatest argument will be about. And on occasion I may just perform a hit and run with a few new jokes...

But yesterday is gone, and I have made my decision.

I wish all EpicSki members safe skiing, and truly hope that skiing will bring each of you the degree of enjoyment, inspiration, and passion which it always gives me.

Best regards,

Ric Reiter, aka Vail Snopro
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Such is the nature of open online forums. I dont know if I am part of the problem or not, but I can completely relate to your sentiments. I've been through it too but unlike yourself stuck around and my reward was that I eventually got tossed out and banned for life after the no-gooders outnumbered the original good guys (actually the "good guys" kinda started to become just as bad); even though I was a founding member and had a paid-for lifetime membership.
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Ric, I can understand your point of view and share many of them. You were deeply involved with this site and the dust up over the Vermont event left me confused and more than a little disillusioned but I remain a supporter because of the folks I met here and the opportunities to organize local gatherings and meet and ski with more folks.

Since my home mountain closed and I let my PSIA expire I seldom venture into the tech discussions. I found that reading without snow to be a less then rewarding experience so I avoid all that controversy. The worsening economy and my family's growing financial needs have made ESAs an unattainable wish.

I still check in often. I've appreciated the support I've received for personal crisis from members I've never meet. I still feel a sense of loyalty to the site for what I've taken from here but yes it has changed, as all things do. I recently re-upped so I'm here for a while still. I hope to ski with you again some day, my skiing will be better for it.
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Being a relative nubi here I'll still admit that it was a search for information about skis that brought me to this forum but the humor, wit, and friendliness of folks that convinced me to support it.
I do see the delimma here though cause it can be frustrating to dodge and dig through off the cuff humor and even dark sarcasm to get the info and feedback/help we're looking for. It sounds like Epic started off more like a Wiki than a social forum. I don't know if it's feesible or would be popular, but I'd be willing to play by stricter rules if the PTB wanted to shrine off some areas to more of a Wiki format-especially the gear and MA threads. That might be a pretty good thing as long as there is still other areas for less formal and structured conversing.

I'm not familiar with any behind the scenes ESA issues so I can't comment there.

I hope you hang around and I look forward to the opportunity to ski with any and all Bears regrdless of their "status".
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Sorry for being so noisy.
Hey, at least you've still got the noise-free Ask a pro sub-forum.
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Sorry that you're going; I always valued your insights. Cannot speak to the internal politics of Epic, but even in the few years I've been here, agree that there's more and more arguing over less and less actual information. Not sure it's Epic, or just our culture, with the ascendant generation of web users whose intellectual models were mtv pundits and jackass videos.
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I recall being introduced to you at Breckenridge last season as we joined up with a couple of our other Epic friends near the gondola parking lot. I remember you lamenting putting on your Nordica’s without the aid of a heater and immediately my first thought was “oh boy, here we go…another cyber skier”.

Fortunately I found the contrary after sharing half the “T” of the T-Bar (sharing that ride in high wind with a total stranger quickly instills a measure of trust) then racing down Horseshoe with you. I would hope you continue to write and participate on this evolutionary sometimes revolutionary but never stationary site finding the strength to ignore the usual suspects who post primarily for reasons obvious. Fly well.
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Rick, perhaps it's just the way of the internet. I asked to have my supporter status removed a while ago. In a nutshell, I felt that Epic's approach to trying to protect what you lament it losing was a significant departure from it's historic nature. I may still participate here to some extent but I can't say I want to be recognized as a supporter any longer. Very different views of the picture I suppose.

Still look forward to skiing with you again sometime in the future.
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Originally Posted by Ghost View Post
Sorry for being so noisy.
Hey, at least you've still got the noise-free Ask a pro sub-forum.

Oh ya? Not according to what I believe I just read about that forum being closed down, due to under usage....
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Is this Epicski's very own Eternal September?
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I'm sorry but I really hate these threads ( and there's at least 1 every season) where some bear laments the good old days and says they will no longer participate. I don't mean to be rude, but, I just feel like quoting the quote I saw attributed to the late NASCAR dirver Dale Ernhardt, "Quitcherbitchin".
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