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Verbal Tea

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Hey. I've been pretty inactive lately, and I was listening to the boys talk skiing today. I noticed something interesting about skiers. We are proud of our language!

For example: (Robin, you are guilty of this) a piece of string is a LANYARD. a ridge is an ARETE'. feet become METERS.

Anyone think of some others? I just thought it was sort of funny.

Spag's quote of the day:
"You'd do it for Randolph Scott!"
- Cleavon Little in "Blazing Saddles" -
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GLADE - I think everyone has a different idea on what this is.

KICKER - whoops I don't use that any more - It is now a terrain feature.

TOADSTABBER - Big steel bar for driving holes for bamboo.

Boo - Bamboo pole
FogBoo - Bamboo pole with orange tape or placard

DOLPHIN NET - Big widely spaced net used to catch runaway boards, small children and 32 oz pepsi cups at the bottom of the bunny hill.

Wait a second, didn't we just do this exercise a few months back? What the hey, I like the lingo....
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GAPER. learned that one recently.
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Spag, it's not so bad...
When I was learning to fly airplanes, I had to change completely my measurements...
Kmh => Knots
Km => Miles (nautical)
Litres => Gallons
mm (for tools) => inches (or fractions like 5/16)
mt => feet
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