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Grandi's back for a medal in 2010

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Thomas Grandi has decided to come out of retirement and focus on winning a medal at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. His last season (2007) was less than stellar, but that is most likely due to the birth of his daughter. It will be interesting to see if he can get it together. What are the predictions?
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Wow ... I wish him well, but at his age it's going to be tough.
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He's definitely got a challenge ahead of him, but he seems very much like the sort of person who thrives when the odds are against him. For years he was pretty much the only serious Canadian technical skier, and nobody really took it seriously in the upper levels of the Canadian system, but he kept going and has 2 World Cup wins to show for it, and in many ways singlehandedly rebuilt the Canadian technical team.

I noticed they're giving him his own personal coach, so they're defintely serious about this. Likely because the existing technical team is struggling to say the least. Kucera had the best GS standing at the end of the season in 10th, and he's not even that much of a technical skier - the bulk of the tech team is well back from that.

Good luck to Grandi, and I hope we see some good things.
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He did get some starts last winter - probably more to have an impact on penalty calcs - dunno what his off time has done for his fitness and physical alertness. I mean is he ready to start training to compete, or is he now training to get ready to train?

We'll see - hey, I like to root for the Canucks - dunno where Bourque went last winter, would love for someone to teach Guay GS cuz he has huge upside and good for Kucera - he made the finals too - hopefully Grandi is an asset and strengthens team momentum - bummer if it's a distraction. Always been a Grandi fan - he's a good demo ala the annual CSCF "World" DVDs - best of luck, man. Wishing him much clarity.
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No August on snow for Thomas

Members of Canada’s Men’s Alpine Ski Team are packing their bags as on-snow training in South America and Europe gets underway next week.

Two-time World Cup champion Thomas Grandi (Canmore, AB), who announced his return to the team earlier this month, would not attend to focus fitness training in preparation for the coming season.

Entire article:
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