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Ski Race Camp Recomendation??

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Hi I am new to this forum and have been extremely impressed by the goodwill and knowladge there is out there.

I am a 17 (just) year old Australian (6 feet, 159 Pounds) and I am just starting to get into racing after years of umming and arring (I was meant to start last year but unforseen circumstances left me with 3 days on the snow for the whole year). I am a highly advanced level skiier going by what there is in AUS. My technique is very race orientated, helped along since my coach (and father) raced in the world cup and olympics in his teens. Unfortunatly skiing with him for my whole life has left me a very one dimensional skier, I can't ski moguls or powder (I detest both) I am stuck with steep groomers. My only race experience was in that Nastar thingy where I qualified for the nationals coming 5th for my age group at Aspen, I didnt have any race gear on and was skiing on my metrons.

I was planning on doing the Australian Winter Sports Race Camp, which lasts from Dec 15th to Jan 28th (the length of our summer holidays). But I have just found out in the last hour that it is cancelled for this year, which is a massive blow.

So what need is to find a camp solely orientated towards racing...Anywhere in the world preferably in the US, it would probably need to be live in as I dont think my parents and 3 sisters (who barely ski, they are cricketers) want to spend nearly 2 months skiing. Otherwise I suppose I could do a few shorter ski camps...

Any suggestions would be AWESOME!!!

On a final note I am starting my physical preperation now, I really do need to bulk up, what exercises or online guides do you suggest would be helpful.

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IMO, you need to find a family to live with in a US ski area that has a good daily race program. We don't really have "camps" per se during December/January since that's when people are doing their local race programs and have their school holidays. But lots of mountains have race programs you could join and train with them every day you are here. You'd be arriving near the beginning of their season and leaving just as their race schedule starts to heat up.

Another option might be a good Masters program, but I don't know how they deal with kids (you are still sort of a kid) rather than adults, and I know there are some that run every day, but not sure of the details. Squaw probably has some programs you could slot into. I know the SB coach there, but not any of the ski coaches.

Have fun. It sounds like a fun holiday.
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If you consider Yurp as well do a search on the national ski associations' home pages. There are quite some camps going on during summer/fall up on the glaciers in Austria, Switzerland, Italy and France. Or google for ski/race camps, they should pop up.
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I think Sinecure's suggestion is a good one. Almost all Race Teams that I am familiar with have a Christmas camp during the U.S. holidays. Conatact the Program Directors at the areas you are considering, & see if they might let you join in. As for the rest of your time, you may be able to continue training with the same team on weekends or in the afternoons when they are out of school, or find a place that has a group of Masters who may train during the week. Some places you may check into in the U.S. are:

Mammoth Mt.
Park City
Alpine Meadows
Copper Mt.
Big Sky
Crystal Mt.

Also some of the smaller, lesser known areas might be worth investigation. Some of those guys get really into race training to compensate for lack of big mountain terrain.

Just some ideas,
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Michel Pratte's camps are a favorite for me.
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We are skiing and running gates right now @ mt.hood oregon usa! There are several camps available that are live in. Thats me last weekend. http://aim-1photo.smugmug.com/galler...35475546_UVMGE
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