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Cali Fires

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Didn't know where to put this. Some amazing pictures for California fires.
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The smoke and high temperatures have been oppressive this week, and today was the first relief. Visibility increased to about 3-miles and temperatures stayed in the 90s rather than near 110. Over 1000 square miles have burned, the size of Rhode Island. In a normal year, this is barely fire season. The notorious fires occur in September in Southern California with the Santa Ana winds. The consensus at this point is that the fires started by lightning on June 21 could burn until October or November. They may be contained, but not extinguished.

On the bright side, Highway 1 through Big Sur is supposed to re-open on Monday.

Official Fire statistics are here: http://www.fire.ca.gov/index_incidents.php

Friday, July 11, 2008 9:00 p.m.
Current Situation: Over fourteen hundred fires have been contained due to the endless efforts of firefighters from California, as well as from throughout the nation. Additional firefighting resources (personnel and equipment) are expected to arrive shortly from Australia, Canada, Mexico and New Zealand. A Red Flag Warning remains in effect through Sunday at 11:00 a.m. for gusty northeast winds and poor overnight humidity recovery in western Siskiyou County. The priority of firefighting is for the protection of life, property and natural resources.

Peak Fires: 1,781

Contained: 1,459

Active: 322
Acres: 793,483
Personnel Committed: 20,274
Resources Committed:

Engines: 1,503

Crews: 467

Dozers: 291

Water Tenders: 423

Helicopters: 142
Items of Interest:
Highway closures: State highways, county and local roads are closed throughout California due to wildfire activities. Closures and delays remain in place for State Highways 1 (Big Sur Area), 32, 70 and 299. Travelers are advised to seek current information from local law enforcement.
Evacuations: Areas of Butte, Monterey, Shasta and Trinity counties are under evacuation orders at this time. Precautionary evacuation orders currently exist in areas in Butte, Kern, Mendocino, Monterey, Plumas, Santa Barbara, Shasta and Trinity counties. Residents are advised to monitor their local fire situation, check with local law enforcement agencies for information, and be prepared to evacuate when necessary.
Threatened: 12,924 residences, 135 commercial, 2,460 outbuildings.
Destroyed: 100 residences, 1 commercial, 126 outbuildings.
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I was down in Santa Barbara when the fire was raging out of control and let me tell you it was like dooms day. The smoke was so thick that you had to turn your headlights on just to see where you were going, this was 7pm at night. Unfortunately my first 5 minutes back involved evacuating my Girlfriends parents house, which was directly in the path of the fire. My 4th of July was spent covertly sneaking back into their place to make sure everything was ok, needless to say I felt like I was in a DMZ, giant flames everywhere and we probably should not have been there but it was well worth it. Luckily her parents place was saved by the fire department, the fire was stopped with in 200 yards of their place. Needless to say it was very impressive how much air and man power that the government brought in. At one point they had over 1000 people fighting the fire and something like 30 aircraft.

The biggest worry about this fire was that it was burning much like a fire that occured in Santa Barbara in the early 90's where 100's of houses were lost. The terrain in the foothills does let the firefighters do anything about it until it is literally on the property that they are there to protect.
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Originally Posted by slider View Post
Didn't know where to put this. Some amazing pictures for California fires.
That picture was actually taken just above my girlfriends house. Watching these guys is one thing but if you click on the link the DC-10 dropped what looked to be twice as much retardant. :
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