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Frightening Snowboard Info

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So I'm doing AASI Level 1 exam right now, just got home from day 1, day 2 is tommorow. I'm doing it just because I needed some credits (they cross over for PSIA credits) and as an Instructor Trainer I often end up supervising snowboard classes and figured I might as well learn about it.

Anyways, quick scary thing. The guy who is leading it is the head of AASI for the eastern division, and spent 4 years on the PSIA/AASI National Demo Team - yet he has just been snowboarding 7 years! Now he is excellent, I'm enjoying his clinic/exam . . . but the fact that he has already been on the demo team, is an examiner and is the head examiner after only 7 years in the sport total? It reminds me of the joke "Whats the difference between a first time snowboarder, and a snowboard instructor? 3 Days."
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Todd, was he a skier before?
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Yep - he was PSIA level 3. He acknowledged that movement up the ladder as fast as his was would not be possible anymore. They had "fast track" and "accelerated" programs when AASI started, because they needed to create snowboard training and certification . . . but didn't have anybody to administer the exams/clinics, so they created a bunch of people very quickly.
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I remember sending 4 guys to the first associate SB exam in RM (the country). They pretty much voted each other through the process as there were no examiners. Tom Long audited to give structure....The first pin was the PSIA shield with the silohette of a snowboarder emblazoned over it.
Todd, didn't the american woman who won in the Oly halfpipe say on TV she had only snowboarded a few seasons? Gold in three or so years! There's an extrapolation of the old joke!
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Yeah I've got one of the older AASI training books (6 years old or so) and it says on it "Snowboard Skiing Manual" Pretty funny.

Kelly Clark, from the Mt. I work at these days, grew up ski racing. She apparently really got into snowboarding about 6 years ago. Definately a pretty far cry from the 15-20 years experience required to have a chance in the skiing events. I'm sure that will change however, now that its been in the Olympics. I'm sure that will also mean that America starts getting as well stomped in 1/2 pipe as we do in the other snowsports!
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I am also sure the judging criteria will evolve too. Kinda looks like floppin around to me. If it was held to figure skating, diving or gymnastic standards....double hucking and windmilling wouldn't cut it....better point yer toes!
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Snowboarding is growing at a much faster rate than skiing.

Snowboarders paying for lift tickets are the current, though probably short term, salvation for the winter resort business.

It is a much newer sport, but more and more people want to try it, and a lesson is the way to go.

Learning curve is shorter, so follow up lessons may not be as necessary.

In ten years I don't think it is going to be so easy to move up the ranks in snowboarding instructional competentancy levels.

In ten yeas it might be fairly easy to get a level II PSIA.
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So snowboarding has a much shorter learning curve, so it is going to take a shorter amount of time to get to the top, or to a certain standard.
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