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ski length for Rossignol Bandit X

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What are the recommendations for ski length for the Bandit X? Will be skiing in the East, height 5'10", weight 170#, intermediate(?) ski level. Are there any disadvantages to skiing this ski short- like a 170cm? or would 177cm or 184 be better? Thanks
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In general I tell customers the shaped ski should curl with the tip just over the head as the forehead curves. From here, it's according to what you will do with the ski. higher speeds, etc. a little longer. Bumps, short, quick turns- shorter. It depends on you.
Even an intermediate skier can handle the general length I described. The Bandit X is a sweet ski! If you ski any ski too short it can become a bit squirlly at times.
People coming from a conventional ski are sometimes using their former ski way too short to begin with. They are afraid to go longer. I remind them they will not have any problem turning the shaped ski. It's like night and day!
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Sorry this isn't directly related to the Bandit, but I stand 5'10", 165lbs., and I just bought Salomon CrossMax 10 Pilots in 160cm length. I'm a ex-racer, now instructors, and still like to ski hard. Folks at my favorite shop suggested a maximum length of 170 for me.

jarddog - Seems your suggestion would have me at almost a 180cm. Isn't that kind of long for a shaped ski these days?
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I am 5'9" and 180 and have skied the Bandit x in 184 for a few years. I'd try the 184. The 191 will be for faster cruising.

Have you tried the Rebel X? It has no metal in it and will be more laid back and relaxed than the Bandit. Not that it is an uptight ski at all but...If you don't plan to become more aggressive or seek out funky terrain you may like the Rebel more. And you would save a bit of $.

My friend is getting back into skiing after a bunch of years away and is a progrssing intermediate. He was set up with a rental pair of Bandit X's in 191 and he never felt comfortable. Too long even though he is taller and weighs more than me. We both rented the Rebel X in 184 another time and he had a great time. I found them to be a decent ski that I could overpower if I really tried but on the soft cruisers at Copper it was a light, quick and nimble ski. Some bumps went well also up off the poma lift.

Good luck! I love my bandits and look forward to trying the new design as well as the XXX
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