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DIN 7890 Letter Codes

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Does anyone have the letter codes???

These were on some skis from 1997 on? See pic below...

DINDeutsches Institut fur NormungDocument #IN 7890 Title:Wintersports equipment - Ski for alpine skiing -Description of target groups for skiers Scope:The document describes statistically relevant target groups for adult (i. e. from 16 years onwards) alpine skiers in accordance with their ability, their favourite speed ranges and conditions on the course. These target groups are designation by appropriate code letters. Keywords: Committee:Sports Equipment Standards Committee SDO Approval Date:1996-11
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Are you referring to letters L, A and S?
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Originally Posted by stekan View Post
Are you referring to letters L, A and S?

YES! That's exactly what I'm asking

I also have an "I" on a pair of Snow Ranger's
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L = Learning
A = Allround
S = Sportive
I = Individual
(or something like this)

DIN 7890 has been unsuccessful attempt to standardize skis. That happened few years before carving revolution.
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