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The golf gods givith...

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and they takith away.

I just had one of my worst golf days I ever had in recent memory. Other than playing a course like Merion, I don't recall having a score that was three digits. Needless today I had more snowmen than are at the north pole. I have cone through the past 10-15 rounds with the same two Maxfli Noodles, today I went through more than two sleeves of balls. I hope I got most of my bad golf for the summer out in one round. I am off to lick my wounds..(after I pour some scotch on them).
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Just take a couple days off and forget it. Comes with the territory. I shot 50-36 the other day, same swing. Who knows. If it were easy we'd all shoot 65 every time.
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Originally Posted by Trekchick View Post
and shot a 79 a few weeks ago.
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How many clubs went for a swim?
Oh, and a word to the wise, Lucky says, putters don't float.
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Repeat after me. "Just because I hit a good shot doesn't mean I have a good swing" It's a learning process. Enjoy it.
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Ah, this is another reason to keep skiing.
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Originally Posted by Finndog View Post
Ah, this is another reason to keep skiing.
Agreed! I never have a bad day skiing, at least not much variation. Granted I've been skiing a lot longer than I've been playing golf.

I played 3 rounds this week. Hitting the ball straight, true & solid Monday & Tuesday, just missing a few makeable puts, but rolling the ball nicely.

Yesterday, played in a shotgun scramble, even had a great warm-up for about 20 minutes & my confidence was high. I don't think I hit a truely good shot all day. Thank goodness my partner was in the zone, or it would have been embarassing .

That's golf I guess...


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That's a strange thing about golf. I've played golf twice as long and 10 times as many days as I've skied yet I've never had day on the mountain that I could not do 95% as much as I did on any other day but I've had weekends on the golf course where I shot in the 70s one day and the 90s the next. I think that's unique to golf and I really dont' know why. When I figure it out I'll write a book and make a fortune!
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Golf Gods

Philpug, I commiserate with ya. Last night/eve. 38 on front nine - 52 on back nine - and where did that swing go? Afraid to go tonight.
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My nephew told me about a book called, "Golf, not a game of perfect". Or something like that. Anyone ever heard of it?

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