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Skiing pattern

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Just curious how everyone skis during the day in terms of run difficulty: Do you ski blacks or double blacks all day? or you ski challenging run, and then go to blue groomed run, then back to difficult run? Or stay on groomed all day?

Also, in terms of variety: do you ski the same run all day or avoid skiing the same place twice?
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never waste a run, never miss the opportunity to improve your technique

I ski whatever I want. I work on technique on the flattest greenies and on the steepest double blackies. I have fun on every type of run. sometimes the fun is masked by intense frustration and self-criticism.

bwaaaaah hah hah hah hah!
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I try to stick to the white ones...
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So many things factor into how I spend my day.but an average day may look something like this. A warm up run or two on a Blue run.I just kind of wake up the legs and Body.If I'm feeling up for it I'll head for a easy bump run Then maybe a groomed black just to feel some wind in my face.Then it's off to find something challenging.Any run will do that pushes me out of my comfort zone.I tend to like Bowls rather then tight steep runs. and then if the snow is good find a nice gladed area.I like to play around with diffrent runs and from green to Double Black Diamonds.It really all depends on my mood and How my old body is feeling.Some days i will spend on blues just workings on turns doing some drills that sort of thing.Others I'm spending 3/4 of the day in some sort of bump run,or looking for crud, or other challenging condition. Now as to powder days well Thats adiffrent story all together.

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Utah49:
Then maybe a groomed black<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

a groomed black?? Once its been groomed, it ain't a black anymore.
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hmmmmmmm so The Men's Downhill at Snowbasin should be a blue run....I don't think so.

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: far be it from me to look down upon what kinds of topics people find interesting. but... i mean... oh screw it, nevermind.

i ski whatever looks interesting, i don't really look at the colors (they're all black, anyway).
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Utah49:
It really all depends on my mood and How my old body is feeling.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

For me, it's how old my body is feeling.
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I usually do double blacks all day, off-piste (where there are no marked runs, often in overlooked places below rocks, outtabounds too), however now that it is spring the doubles are getting closer to being unskiable so I just lap groomers and try to get as much vert as possible, or I lay it WAY over and carve those skis.
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I run groomers early in the year to get in shape, when groomers are all there is, otherwise I avoid them like they're melted lava.
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When skiing by myself or with one other of like interest, I like to alternate steep, bump, tree, and cruise, as available. I usually stay on the "difficult" side of the mountain to cut down "maze time".
When skiing with others, We usually work a lift. That is go down all the runs of our liking then go back and do our favorite a bit more.
Springtime theme is often bumps, With late season sometimes only one run worthe the trouble (Superstar at Killington for example) Then we may move to another lift area and do the same. 'Repeat until the day is spent.

When I am really out for adventure, I follow some unattached gal where ever.

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I catch the lift up and then ski down again ... sometimes I walk a little for a little solitude and steep shots.

Up ... down .... across ... down .... up .... down ..... whatever looks interesting.

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Oz, you missed out on the final run of the day, planned to bring you to the nearest lively bar...

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until just recently I would ski just the black runs because the challenge they presented making tight rad. turns. I still do but now skiing blues and greens can be just as fun trenching out sweepers.
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di0nysus, all runs in Italy are groomed.
Every day.
Black ones as well as the others.
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Oh, BTW I used to ski black runs only, to avoid the crowd.
Until I got bored, then I went next step, ungroomed terrain...
Since having two kids to bring around, I ski
whatever is ok for them...
And of course, since now I'm older and less fit, I am quite happy just to ski anything, even the bunny hill.
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