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Big Break Ka'anapali

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Anyone else watch this series? I have the last few weeks, rooting for Kim, the long hitter from Wazzu who eventually won over the sultry Frenchwoman, Sophie. For us females, I think Kim's long bombs and Sophie's soft finesse shots are the models of perfect form. I'm sorry the competition is over--there's not enough televised golf for women.

Kim's swing is really, really HOT.
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I guess there's no one here who shared this experience with me and would like to discuss the show. It appears that TC and I are the only women who visit this forum and she's out for the duration with a wrist injury.

Carry on, guys.
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I enjoy the ladies golf because I think my game has more in common with them than it does the men. (I just cannot relate to the driver + 6 iron 540 yard par fives on the Men's tour.)
I also enjoyed the Big Break. I liked the cat fights about as much as the golf. I don't remember the names but I'll offer my comments on a few participants. First I thought the Fat Older Gal's complaints about the Good Looking Younger Gal went on far too long. It was probably editing to make it look like a controversy but I never saw anything she did to deserve so many mean spirited comments by Tubby.
The winner was lucky to get past the first challenge or two. She started off putting as poorly as I do and her course management wasn't so great either. Once she settled down she was great. I've tried to get my arms into her followthrough position and they just will not go there. It must have something to do with the way ladies elbows bend.
It was amazing to see Sophie hang on with so little distance. She can enjoy herself with the game she has but she'll never be a winning pro until she adds some power to her game. I think she's a great role model for a good amateur but if she's going to do this for a living she's got to develop some clubhead speed.
All of the Big Break shows highlight how much pressure can change the game. In every one of these events I'm sure the participants are very skilled but time after time they're eliminated making mistakes the average 10 handicap wouldn't make.
Almost every other game requires you to act quickly in reaction to what the opponent did. You don't have much time to think or get nervous. Golf's different. I think that's one of the things that makes golf such a great game and it's highlighted on these Big Break shows.
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Nolo, I watch it occasionally. My favorite in the last group was Dana (home town gal). I don't really like the cat fighting unless it's appropriate. I would watch it more if the didn't repeat things constantly.:
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I agree with you, Steve. I didn't see the early shows so my only observation of Kim was when she was playing well. Her full swing just entranced me and her distances were just amazing. It was also instructive how poor some of the girls' shots were -- their technique (form) always looked terrific (to me), so I concur that the execution was abysmal mostly due to mental pressure.

A very good male golfer told me he gets more from watching the women play -- lacking the physical strength of men, they have to get their power from the forces of physics.
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Also, apologies for not waiting more patiently.
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Nolo, I was watching the LPGA and PGA back to back one day, suddenly, I realized I was lingering on the LPGA coverage more so than the PGA. I'm awe struck by the beauty of the way those women play.
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Watching golf on TV rates as slightly more exciting than watching paint peel. Therefore you need to be seriously ill before a golf reality show and interesting can be used in the same sentence.

I believe that everyone already knows that I am one sick puppy, but just in case, I did record the last 2 episodes of BBK.
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