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I want my powder !!

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I live in a warm and cozy cave in the mountainside, waiting for the snow gods to show mercy upon me. Recently I came across strange black boxes that show colorful pictures and emit sounds, and also rectangular pieces of paper with fine print all over them but no trail maps - what a waste of good paper [img]smile.gif[/img]
Some kind strangers told me these items are 'news' :, and it seems everybody is running scared of white powder these days :
This has deeply saddened me . I LOVE fresh virgin white pow and can't wait for it!
(the only other powder I know is the one I sniff when I'm hungry and have run out of pennies)

Apparently these people get their powder in something called 'envelopes' - I feel sorry for them : - I like mine spread out all over the damn mountain!

I know I'm not crazy and will find some support here

(edit: somebody is bound to say that I'm making fun of a serious issue, but you can't find me - my cave is very well hidden and it has no postal address!)

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you're making fun of a serious issue.
where are you?
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I was consuming my Powder last night and it was awesome. It's all about the professional grade stuff from Utah - Potent with a really small spore size, just the way I like it. Please send me as much as possible in the largest envelope that you have.
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Howzabout a little low moisture tease from Mineral Basin, Snowbird

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Ryan, I heard a "worst scenario" tale on the radio today. They said that 80% of all the heroin in the world is coming from Afghanistan, and if it is them who do the anthrax terrorism, all they have to do is mix it with the heroin they export, which finds it's way to Brittain and the USA and would drop folks by the thousands.

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that you're addressing ME ( ) in regards to heroin is interesting enough. i DO know that much of the afghan army USES heroin in battle. and, of course, the sale of heroin supplies said army with the funds to buy arms.

it IS a scary worst-case scenario, though it would seem at first glance somewhat flawed, in that selling heroin that is known or suspected to be tainted might not do much for the arms acquisition. people who purchase heroin for distribution - to actual addicts/users - probably don't want anthrax in the mix. and if they don't want it, they won't buy it. don't buy it, no $$$ for those looking to buy anti-aircraft artillery, etc.

but it's all so convoluted now i don't believe logic (especially MINE, which is rarely logical) matters much.

killing off all the heroin addicts probably isn't the principle aim of the terrorists/"evildoers."

(edit: i just called my friend, an actor, RbrtDwnyJr., and he says "no, i'd prefer anthrax NOT be in my smack.")

LAST EDIT: Sorry, Ott, that was too many words to say just this: my understanding is that Heroin, in this case, is basically MONEY to the afghan army. and mixing anthrax with stuff going to addicts might not be the optimum way to "terrorize." in a sense, it's a waste of "cash," which they do and will desperately need.

given the current clampdown, i'd be curious to know how "those folks" are moving ANYthing. drug interceptions are WAY up as a direct result of much closer monitoring of shipments/freight, etc. i mean, it seems crazy but that REALLY IS how they purchase weapons.

- Opey M.

and THIS...


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>>>Is it any wonder that its economy does not collapse despite the worst predictions and that it is able to defy international pressure on its sponsorship of terrorism against India and on its support to the Taliban and Osama bin Laden?<<<

Scary, money from american heroin addicts goes to buy weapons for Osama bin Laden.

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Sweet. Been there - done that.
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