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TR: Richards Hollow

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Took a ride with the wife to one of the best DH rides in Cache Valley. I am super impressed with her progression. She hadn't been on a bike in 16 years until 9 months ago, and today she climbed for 9 miles and 2000ft to bag a 7mile downhill.

You know you're in cache valley when...

you see more of these on the trail than people.

Its a long climb.

With some cool scenery along the way.

Did I mention its a long climb?

Are we there yet?

Can you see my line? Its way down there.

And suddenly I was in Maryland. A wall of ferns.

Mud Bogs.

Log crossings.

But just when I was lost in memory lane...

Bad Moto! Bad!

Now for the good stuff.

It was a valiant attempt.

That's love.


Get some!

Madeline rocking!

The gnarl. Thats a 70ft cliff on lookers left.

Hold me.

Thanks for looking.

Half way down the hollow Madeline endo-ed over a boulder and landed in the creek. Never seen a cracked helmet before. She was ok after a few minutes and finished the ride. Just 30 minutes ago she was telling me how much she wants to go back to Richards Hollow.
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Your story had a surprise/shocker ending. Hope M is ok. She's a gamer on a ski slope too. My weekend ride consisted of about 15 miles on the W&OD to Fresh Fields and back for pecan raisin rolls
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I read her version of this TR on SkiDiva. She did not do justice to her accomplishments!!!!
Thanks for sharing!
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^^What she said!
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Madeline is doing ok. She is a real trooper. I am glad she is so stoked on riding because now she can come on some of the more challenging rides with me.
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Dude sick now that you found some REAL single track I could probably convinced to come to Logan again.

its awesome how far you and have madeline have with this sport!
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Looks like you and Madeline had your "flow-jo" on! Well done.
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I've seen pics of BWPA after he rides. Don't Do it!!!!! :
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