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Canyons sale

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Does anyone know what new owner's plans are for The Canyons? (aside from developing a bunch of real estate)
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I realise this is no help to you, but ... that (real estate) is it, as far as I've heard. sorry.

Intelligence would dictate a rapprochement between Canyons and PCMR to create a really amazing ski area but ... heh. What was I thinking?
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Talisker's steady march up Empire Canyon [ruining it] should be indicative of what's to come for The Canyons. Besides, you would have to rip out just about every lift and realign them just to make the place skiable.
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There's been some talk about replacing the Golden Eagle lift with a high speed six to relieve some of the crowding at the gondola and as a back up for when the gondola isn't running. That same talk has them doing more to push skiers to the old Park West area.
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