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Alpine snowboard manual?

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Hello guys!

Do you know recent or older good alpine snowboard pedagogic manuals, dealing with racing and carving technics ?

Thank you

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Hi Ho Silver,

The closest thing I could find was this book: The Fundamentals of Snowboard
Carving and Racing
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I have the book that therusty mentioned. I haven't really read it, just skimmed through it. Its targeted at coaching racers and alpine riders.

The best discussion forum IMO, is over at BomberOnline. You can get good, constructive advice from some great racers and amateurs.

Bomber also has a great Welcome Center for JONGs to find lots of info. And their Tech Articles are a great resource. The Bomber Files section has some fun articles in it too.

Snowperformance sometimes run some good race camps in early December up in Canada. Its a great early season tune-up.

Finally, the Carvers Almanac is an invaluable resource for all things carving, and has some links to great sites.

If you are around Tahoe, get in touch. I'll be racing again this season and love helping kids and new carvers/racers.
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