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Newbies First Post

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This is me at Alta last March.

Do you think I'm nuts? Or is this acceptable behavior?

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It depends how well you know the landing area and snow depth.

For me it would probably be unacceptable behavior since looks like a good way to get shoulder dislocation number 6.
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54" pow day.
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acceptable behavior!

Have any more shots from that day, or any other great shots?

where at alta was that shot taken from?

[ October 22, 2002, 10:26 PM: Message edited by: bicyclekick ]
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I like that picture, a lot. Totally acceptable.

Taken on a Tuesday by any chance?
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Everybody looks good for the first 10 feet... Question is, did you ski it out?
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Nice Pic, good quality - TOTALLY acceptable behavior!!
Hell, it's ENCOURAGED!

Nice line, too - But next time, pull your skirt up & hit the POINT!

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I'm not sure it this is acceptable behavior. We had a discussion last year and I was told I was irresponsible for skiing powder knowing the speeds I was skiing made it likely I would fall now and then. Being 46 at the time I was shocked to hear that. Looks to me like you're going to eat it on the landing so you'll probably get stuck in the irresponsible group, also.

[ October 24, 2002, 10:31 AM: Message edited by: Rio ]
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NEVER! NEVER! NEVER! ski fresh snow!

Leave it for me!

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Hell I KNOW you are nuts.

too much MSU brain damage.

"to AIR is human,
to ski away DIVINE" [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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I love that picture. (wish I could do that...)

And yes - you're nuts. That's why you're so much fun to ski with. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Who cares whether or not you rode out of it? Most people don't have the nutz to even peak over the edge. Totally exceptable and encouraged.
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If you call this a landing, I like to call it bombholing.

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If you call this a landing, I like to call it bombholing.
I think the term NASA uses is splash-down.
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Hi there,
This might sound really dumb... but I'm trying to work out how to post a new message on this site... can anyone tell me?  Am I missing something really obvious!?  
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To organize your post in the appropriate forum, navigate to the forum first. You do that by clicking on the Forum menu item, at the top of the page. Then click on the appropriate forum name which will show you the list of threads in that forum. Then click New Thread and voila! You can name your very own thread, enter your post to get things sliding and even add a poll!

Welcome and have fun.

Been skiing yet this year?

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Are you trying to start a new thread?  If so, just go to the forum you want to start the thread in & click on the New Thread icon or just click on the one I have provided here to start a thread in this forum.

New Thread

It will appear in the Forum Navigation line toward the top of the page, or also toward the bottom.  Make sure you are logged in,
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 Great, thanks JF.  I'm sure I should have worked that out myself....
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