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Backyard Ski Lifts?

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Xdog asked about rope tow plans down below in Resorts & Travel. Having had idle daydreams about a backyard rope tow myself (my backyard slopes away from the house at about 40 degrees), the question prompted me to look around a little. In addition to the Home Snowmaker, I also found a turn-key Portable Ski Lift (WTFH, how much is GBP1,553.86 in 'Merican money--a lot, right?). I saw a pretty swift tow used by the Bud Light Aerial exhibition team last year--don't know who made it.

I learned to ski on a rope tow powered by an old pickup truck up on blocks. My neighbors might not appreciate that as a solution, but I do know where I can get an old golf cart. I'd be interested in hearing from anybody who has seen (or built) something like that.

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These guys did a great job of a backyard setup.
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A rope tow might be rough if you've got a lot of pitch, hell I hate 'em even on green runs. If you've got some cash, consider a handle tow at (you can put the handle behind your back and have it push you up the hill)

Your other option is a platter, j bar, tbar type. Knapp Assciates has many used, although installation is more indepth. Check them out for used snowmaking equip too.

Unfortunately these are all somewhat expensive options compared to the baseline rope tow.

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- Paul

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Backyard ski lift = snowmobile and a buddy or young cheap/slave labor
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