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I know this is just for "legacy" users, but today when I tried to log in it did not recognize either my login name or password (doesn't distinguish which). It appears that there has been a recent software upgrade as well. Any admins know if this has been a problem for anyone else, or what to do about it?
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Hi dp.

I just sent you a password reminder. The system does this at an administrator's request ,so no, I don't have access to passwords .

I'm not aware of anything that would have caused your difficulty in logging on, but if there are any additional people having a problem, I will let dchan know. I take it all is well now?

Just a general reminder to all members, please keep your profile updated in the user CP, especially a current email account. Please don't shut off emails from administrators. The only thing the system sends are a happy birthday notice password reminders and rarely a notice of something you need to do to keep your account active. The User CP also provides a place to renew supporter or sponsor subscriptions, and manage options in your profile that affect teh way you view the forums. If you haven't checked it in a while, please take the time to update it.
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problem fixed

Hi Cirque-I got an email from dchan- it was an email server problem that is now fixed. Thanks for your help!
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