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Skiing .... not Sheeing :
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There was an entire thread on TimeForTuckerman last year chronicling the adventures of a naked Tuckerman Ravine skier. Apparently, there is a law against public nakedness in NH (Live Free or Die???) and the local rangers presented him with a ticket. Pretty funny...there are pics if you want to go see...:
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Windsurfed/surfed/waterskied naked (back when I used to do a lot of other goofy stuff). Never skied naked. To much shrinkage.
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First liar never has a chance.

It was Spring, back in about '74 I think, and streaking was still popular but no longer at it's zenith. About 10 guys and 2 females streaked in a torchlite parade on a saturday night at Angel Fire Ski Area. I was one of them. The crowd went nuts when they saw we were nude. They seemed to enjoy it. We were very careful swinging those damn fusee's with all that crap spewing off. Oh yeah, I think we may have had some tequila before we did the stunt, can't remember for sure.

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Originally Posted by Yuki View Post
Skiing .... not Sheeing :
My boots were on, cut me some slack.
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Why would I release a one eyed frozen snow snake on the slopes?
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Originally Posted by tief schnee View Post
Does inside the race shack, with company, 50 feet from the line up I was supposed to be at count?
If you had your boots on it does.
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Originally Posted by XJguy View Post
frozen snow snake

Cold and wet is bad enough, I don't ever want that frozen.
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Sometime during the mid '70s I OBSERVED a classic naked ski. I was in the bar in the lodge at Stevens Pass, WA when we saw someone disrobing about half way up Big Chief chair on Showcase, which leads right down to the lodge. This was in the days when they did not regularly groom it and it was a mogul field.

The guy gave his friend his clothing and began to ski down toward the lodge, doing a very nice job on the bumps, we were impressed. His buddy was folowing but with the clothing grasped in front of him and no poles he was having trouble negotiating the terrain. He finally fell and had a yard sale with his friend's stuff. While he was collecting everything the other guy was stranded, standing in the public area in front of the lodge stark naked. We all got an extremely good laugh at his expense.
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I had a dream like that once!
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Have you ever seen what someone looks like that's taken a hard fall on corn snow with skin exposed? Just picture laying down a dirt bike on a gravel road at 40 mph. It may not be fatal but it sure isn't a pretty sight. I recall a beautiful young lady in shorts on closing day at Winter Park years ago. One leg looked like cheap ground beef from her thigh to her boot top.
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There's an older fellow her in Fernie everyone calls Croatian Joe. He's in his 70's and skis pretty much every day. Every spring he does his annual speedo run. He skis a few runs with a speedo on and nothing else.: It has kinda become an annual event here, he's been doing it now for 10 years at least. That's how you know it's officially spring in Fernie when Croatian Joe does the speedo run. Not quite naked.... but close!
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