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Ski-in/Ski out in Tahoe?

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Does anyone know of any good ski-in/ski-out condos in the Tahoe area? Even something within walking distance of the lifts would work. Every time we go up, we stay in Tahoe City or Incline Village so I know nothing about the closer lodging options.

The reason I'm asking is that my wife is (over) due with our third child so we were not planning on making our annual week-long trip to Tahoe this year. However, my Mom has graciously offered to come out and watch the baby while we ski! The problem is that my wife [WARNING TO SINGLE GUYS: FEMALE-STUFF DISCUSSION COMING UP! STOP READING NOW IF YOU'RE SQEAMISH!] will be breastfeeding and will need to return to the condo to breastfeed or pump every couple of hours. This won't work unless we have something very close to the mountain. We prefer the North Shore (anything but Heavenly, really) and I'm guessing that Squaw would be the only place that has something within walking distance to the lifts. Kirkwood may, also, but I haven't been there in several years.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!
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Squaw valley lodge is ski in ski out. and lots of other locations in walking distance.

Sugarbowl has a lodge on the hill (ski in ski out) and I know there are private houses on the hill but I never looked into it. The lodge very quaint but what are you going to do at night? and it's a bit pricey. They have a great restaurant there (used to be jacket required but they may have relaxed that rule)

Kirkwood has ski in ski out as well with lots of private condos avail. You need to research those. I have not stayed in Kirkwood in over 20 years.

Good luck and Congrats.
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SAME WARNING for squimish people..

oh yeah a note on the Breast feeding thing,
After observing my friends trying to feed their kids or me trying to feed my friends kids (bottle) with milk that was pumped after skiing. For some reason a lot infants don't like it. My sister tells me (OB/Gyn and mom) that in her reading and research the thinking is that exercise introduces a lot of lactic acid to the breast milk which sours the milk. So the advice? Have her try to pump/feed early in the day before skiing and after skiing pump and dump if the baby doesn't take to the feeding. Just something to think about.
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Hi Kevin -

In addition to those metioned previously, you might also want to look at Northstar at Tahoe, which has many condos of varying sizes available for rental. Some are on the trail, some are not, you can request ski in/out when booking. Northstar also has a nice little village at its base, and is very family oriented.

Good luck on your quest! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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At Squaw, the SV Lodge is probably the cheapest. Pricier, but bice alternatives would be PlumpJacks and the Resort at Squaw Creek. Nothing at Alpine Meadows. Northstar should have some options, but I don't know them -- Northstar is probably the best all around family resort in the Northshore area.
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Just an add-on to Northstar. They have the shuttle buses that run around the resort, so even if you're not ski-in/ski -out it may be viable. A downside is that there is no real good skiing at the bottom of the hill and it would involve coming down the Gondola anfd then back up.

I prefer North Shore resorts as well, but one of the easiest ski-in/ski-out places are at Kirkwood.
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After Dec. 1 the village at the base of Squaw Valley should be opening. It wis phase ome of a Whistler type village so that would give the non-skiing or minimal skiing members of your group an alternative to hanging in a condo all day.
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desertdawg -- is Dec. 1 a firm date? I was wonderin. I'm on the Squaw press release list and haven't heard anything yet.
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AC, Projected opening date. Last time I was there, mid August, things were rolling along and it looked to my untrained eye that Dec.1 was very probable
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I can't believe the base village will be ready by Dec. 1! I was there in May and it was still just concrete and conduit.

Thanks for the great advice, all. I checked into the SVL and it looks very nice. The unit we're looking at is $500 a night but it's got a jacuzzi in the master suite! Wahoo!
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