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Striper Fishing Cape Cod

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What I did on my summer vacation. Crank it up and rock out like it was 1989!


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"the breakfast of champions" at 5:45 am.

I bet your forearms were sore from all that fishing. You should smoke some of that catch. Smoked striper is quite tasty!
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Amazing number of fish. A few years back there wasn't a striper to be found. My sister and her husband are both marine biologists from Woods Hole and they often remark on how poorly we understand the striper population.
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Boy do I miss that stuff. When I lived in the New England area my boat was kept in Buzzards Bay, later Watch Hill RI and for a short time in P-Town. Lots of fun fishing in those areas.

I used to fish nights on light gear. One night (around the 4th) my buddy hooked into something large on 8 lb gear. (we were in an 8' dingy). Long story short we were nearly sunk when the fish towed us across the channel and there was an incoming 30 footer. Then we got to watch the fireworks (as the fish towed us). Then I got to paddle as my buddy was nearly spooled. Then the fireworks ended. My buddy finally gained on the fish.......just before loosing it boat side. We never did see it.

Then the outboard didn't start.

Looks like a lot of run Racer....Where did you go out of ?
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Nice. I never caught a big striper just, schoolies off the breakwall at Eastern Point in Gloucester.

But have cought a lot of pretty big Blues trolling off the breakwall just outside of Rockport Harbor,
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Pretty good. Went out of Harwichport just a couple miles off shore on a shallow reef. Not sure of the name. Cheers.
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Racer256, nice fish, lots of fun. Brings back some fond memories of Fly Fishing for Stripers in the Delta south of Sacramento. Still have an assortment of Lefty Deceiver flys and no stripers up here. Thought about trying them on Pike maybe. Nice fishing trip looks like you had a great time.
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