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Which Fat/Mid-Fat

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What's up all.

I'm 5'9 weigh about 175.

I'm about a level 8 skiier, maybe a 7.5....a really strong and solid skiier, not perfect, but just all-around good.

I have been with Volkl for a long time. AC series, then karmas, now Bridge's.

I really love the Bridges, mine are 177-92underfoot.

I am moving out to Colorado permently, and I am looking to get a fat ski for the deep days. I want a ski that will rock, but not make my Bridge's obsolete. I love the Bridges, and in fact, I can take them into pretty much any depth snow, but just would love to ride a really fat ski. I know that might sound confusing, but it makes sense to me....I think

Anyway, my first instinct is to look around for a 2007 or 2008 Gotama, which is 105 underfoot, but does anyone think I should go up to a 110 underfoot, just to make a sizeable difference between the fat ski, and my Bridge.

Also, given my height and weight (see above) I'm sort of hung up between choosing a 176 Goat, or a a 185 goat. Any other suggestions work to. Looking for a well built ski, performs well, won't break the bank, I'll shop around for deals, and Volkl has never let me down, but open to new ideas.

Thanks guys, rock on
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The goats are a 183 and you should go no shorter than that. As for your suggestion about quiver overlap and going wider, that may be an issue. I have skied the Karmas (got rid of them to get Goats) but I have not skied the Bridge. As for Goats being a "deep days" ski, many will chime in saying that there are better, wider skis for those conditions. I am about the same height and weight (and probably similar skiing level) and I love the Gotamas. I have them as an "almost everyday" ski out here in BC. Previous to that, my main ski was the Dynastar Big Trouble (a ski that still is great for most conditions as an every day ski). In fact, I still love that ski.

Now, if you are wanting to keep your Bridges for an everyday ski and want something that is very different, the Goats, imho, are too similar. The problem is finding deals on something that will be what you want (and I advise demos before purchase - others will disagree). I wonder about the new PM GEAR Brocker or something like next year's (2009) Volkl Kuro (funshape skis that look interesting).

At any rate, if you are set on a Goat, feed it well and get at least the 183 (skis short and turny).
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I couldnt agree more with Alberto. Although the Goats are one of my favorite pow skis out right now, but you are going to have to much quiver over lap. Like Alberto said for quite a few people out there the Goats are skied as an every day ski. If I were you I would check out the Katana in a 183cm, the Salomon Czar and possibly the Line Mothership. All of those skis would meet the necessary requirements and all of them are right around 110mm underfoot.

The Katana and Mothership are going to be your more traditional skis with out any rocker. The Czar on the other hand has a 620mm rocker but only in the tip, and its a blast to ski in deep snow. Also Salomon is straying away from foam core skiis the Czar has a Full Woodcore, but i still keeping with the idea of a relatively nimble ski. The Mothership and Katana are going to feel more stable at higher speeds but in tight areas the will be more work.

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Good suggestions by Sierra Canuck - I totally forgot about the Katana. Some have had some durability issues with the Katana, but a friend of mine skis them and loves them in deeper snow. I skied the Czar when the reps came around and I didn't like it as much as Sierra Canuck - what this goes to show is the importance of ski feel as a personal preference. It's a solid ski and, I think, a step forward for Salomon. Can't speak to the Motherships but they have a dedicated following.
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Hmm. Very interesting, currently scanning the web right now. I'm glad my point was communicated well.

Any opinions on the scratch steez...I see people using the Scratches all over the mountain, but I never really got into them, they are 186-110


Katana 183-111

interesting. time to start scanning for deals.
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This question gets asked here about three or four times a week.
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Originally Posted by ColgateKarmas View Post
Hmm. Very interesting, currently scanning the web right now. I'm glad my point was communicated well.

Any opinions on the scratch steez...I see people using the Scratches all over the mountain, but I never really got into them, they are 186-110


Katana 183-111

interesting. time to start scanning for deals.
Its all about what your preference is, personally I prefer a straighter shaped ski in the off trail. IMO they feel less turny and more stable.
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Yeah, and thankfully you always graciously point it out. It's not like there's tons of action on the board that is dirsupted by a new posting.
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Dude have you seen the skis that PM Gear has to offer? There's tons of people on these boards who use em everyday out west and love the snots off of 'em. Goats are widely known as a great pow ski but I think it's great to support mom-n-pop operations like If you're looking for something useful on everything but want a ski that can really pull out the stops when it's super-deep, the Brocker may be your ticket. They have a 186 and it's reeeeeeeeeeal sexy! Rockered tip, pintail and bomber construction. Boomshakalaka! He jams it in! Other companies to check out: Praxis, Lib-Tech, and Hart. All have awesome fatty skis and great company philosophies. Please consider buying from one of these companies!
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Maybe if you want to check some really fat skis you should check, that's fat fat fat made only for deep stuff. Hope you like them,
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Of the mom and pop offerings:

The Brocker looks interesting, but...

Praxis has such a wide assortment, it's hard to choose your shape and your mold. The below would be nice compliments to your bridge-

Big Mountain 110 or 120 (tip rocker)
Powder RX 115 (low camber,or tip rocker, or recurve)
Hybrid 130 (recurve, or continuous curved rocker/reverse camber)
Or- the Powder, which is reverse-reverse.

They offer such a sick assortment, it's hard to go wrong.
FWIW, I have a Goat/fritsche and a Jet Fuel (84). My next quiver ski will be the Hybrid.
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Just spoke to a really old and close friend, and talked about this matter.

He just got a pair of hell-bents....BAST*rd. He's skiing Goats as his everydayers and now the Hell-Bents when its super deep.

Anyway, we kinda of discussed, and given how flexible the Bridges are, and that I have had them in some really deep stuff, that I should be in between 110-120 underfoot....

While I'm a good skiier, I will admit I don't know too much about the science of the skies themselves, outside of the underfoot and length....what are the predominant differences between the Katana and the Steez in terms of sidecut/radius etc and practically how they will what are my options in a 115 (+/- 2mm underfoot)...I don't think I want to be as big as a hell bent.

anyway, rock on guys.
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Dynastar Huge Trouble, Line Sir Francis Bacons, Atomic Big Daddy.......
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why not the volkl Kuro? see posts: sounds friggin awesome!
i have the gots. i don't think there'd be that much difference from the bridge, which at 92mm can pretty much do it all, so why not get somethin super cool, like others have suggested? i would do a powder demo day and see what rocks your world.
the gots are great skis. i'm your height and weight and would suggest you keep an open mind to length. i much preferred the 176 to the 183. try for yourself, for sure.
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