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Slalom Show in Moscow!

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Well here is a start..........

Slalom Show in Moscow!

On November 22nd this year, world's best slalom skiers are to visit the capital of Russian Federation.

This decision has been accepted by the FIS delegates, that are currently taking part on the FIS Congress in Cape Town (the Republic of South Africa).

Such promo-slalom of the men's FIS Ski World Cup should be held on a 46 metres high artificial rail. It should also be a parallel one, with 10 world's best slalom skiers, 4 slalom skiers with organizer's invitation and two best Russian slalom racers taking part.

No points for the men's slalom and overall World Cup standings should be awarded. But the prize-money for the race, in the amount of CHF100000, is surely going to be secured.
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Is Rocca one of the 10?
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They are also doing a mogul event next year the same way.
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