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Ok, digging up this thread to ask a new question for ponderage.

Is it good to let a dog lick a cut say, on your shin? You hear their mouths are clean, and they're always all about it but perhaps the question to be asked is: how long would one have to wait after a butt-cleansing before it could be considered beneficial, if at all to let a dog lick a cut. Savior or slobberer? Any thoughts on the subject? Members of the medical community?

I'm on the fence, but think it's probably good as long as you give it say an hour, post exhaust overhaul.
Wow good question. I find the internet is very useful in finding answers to questions like this. Click here for Wiki Answers.

As for the other question, I think the 5 second rule applies.
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No way dude. That was NOT a useful answer!
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