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I've been taking the Greyhound stinker from New York City to visit my parents in Philly every so often, but now that I have a decent road bike (a frankenstein based around a Cannondale CAAD4 R600 frame), I'm thinking the 99 miles to Philly might be better spent in a saddle rather than being squished out of my seat by the loud drooling person next to me. Anyone here know of a good route? I'm trying to stay away from I-95, please...I don't think they would like my bike on the shoulder . Besides, I know there are pretty sections of New Jersey somewhere, and I'd love to ride through them!

I've also got family near Scranton (Clarks' Summit), but that might be for a time when I want to kill myself with hills and tough rides . Anyhow, spill the beans if you know of some great routes out of nyc!