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Mojo Heatfit Width

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What is the width of the toe box on these? I have RS100's and would like to know if these are similar in width since all of the raptors are narrower. I am thinking of buying a pair as backup for the two year old RS100's since I have a wide foot, ankle and calf.
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which season? there is a version out now which is a raptor in a brown stithced leather look graphic...other than that if it is the white one it is the S series shell, so the same as the RS100/RS110 S8,9,10,11,12,13 of previous seasons the only difference in all of the above is colour, flex and liner
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It is the White, red and black one. So, the toe box is the same width as my current RS100's?
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correct, the shell is the same dimension
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I still have some new RS 100s that I would let go at a nice price if you are interested. What Mondo or shell size are you?
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