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Bikes, Tattoos, Beer and Babes.

Sounds to *classy* for me, thanks.
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Those worms in the liquor bottle Spag?

Just a mention of HD & S&S powered "customs" get all these comments, eh?

Think I'll go take a ride on my Maxim if it EVER quits raining.
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spag - I, for one, still want to live sturgis vicariously through you!! I just stepped out of this thread for a bit...was getting nasty......
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"there is NOTHING cooler than the loud, throbbing, throaty sound of a H-D, (except of course, the sound of snow beneath the skis....)"

OH GOD! not @ 8 am in the morning after a long night when your bedroom faces out to the section of highway 82 (Cooper Street)where people start to pick up speed on their way up & over Independence pass. The sound of harleys all summer long really got to me. In fact, living in Aspen ruined my ideas of Harleys. Friggen rolex riders on their bikes they brought in on a trailer, $40 cigar between their teeth, trophy wife 15 years their junior on the back of Harleys that were WAY to clean & could not be purchased by a Joe sixpack no matter how credit happy our world has gotten.

hate that sound as much as I hate the sound of snowmobiles when I am in the b/c
or the sound of 2 stroke when on my MTB.
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ok, ok!! so, it would get kinda old all summer long. And, I've never been to Aspen but I can IMAGINE what riders over there are like. I guess I just have laconia in June and then from time to time all summer long, its not an everyday thing.

what is all this stereotyping? one of the COOLEST things about bike week (in laconia, daytona, and I assume Sturgis) is the ecclectic and diverse community...It doesn't matter where your from or how much dough you make, what you drink (or how much clothing you have on for that matter) everyone is there to enjoy and have some fun. its kinda like on the mountain. its the kindred spirit and sense of community that we skiers share (allthough you'd never know it from this forum sometimes!)

I guess if we all had the same opinion and agreed on everything, this forum would be boring. but do we have to get sooo NASTY? yikes, im gonna go cry now...
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Here's a tissue LindaA. But I guess that's why this place is a forum...

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Not intended to be nasty, sorry if it came across as such. This was a 3-year annoyance, so it all came out when ya'll discuss the wonderful hog. Your quote was the most direct & succinct so I grabbed it.
Problem with Aspen was not a whole lot of diversity in a lt of things..
I have to admit though, my "stereotype" of the NEW hog rider has been reinforced in Utah & new Mexico.
the old do what you want until it impinges on others always holds true. With those loud engines it seems hard to keep that joy to yourself.
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oh...it wasn't you matt...just this topic was getting a little nasty, in general.....

but, "thats why its a fourm"
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That was 12K over 5 years. This guy, who apparently made much more than that in a month, had that in cash to buy a bike on the spot. Don't know what he spends on his hobbies over 5 years but I'm sure it's more than I've spent in my life.

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Sounds like HIS business, not mine.
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When are we gonna hear more on how how sturgis was??

Someday Ill get down there, maybe next year....

- Linda
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The last real harley rolled off the assembly line 31 years ago.

Electric legs are for wussies!

The "CH" stands for "Charlie Horse"

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Okay, Spagtacular; Just played "Born to be Wild" in your honor for my Monday night high impact aerobics class!

Ironically, this is the same tape that has "You May Be Right". {Cause it just may be a LUNatic you're looking for!}

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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Nakona. I agree.

Lisamarie. "Born to be Wild"! Pretty cool, although I don't think I could dance to it. It turns out to be more of an Air Guitar tribute. I guess if I got into it enough it could be a great cardio!

LindaA. Sturgis went off pretty well. Wife and I went over about every other night and saw lots of cool. There was a row of vintage bikes on 3rd st. that included the old WWII bikes and some Indians. Waay nice.
The Camel Roadhouse ended up featuring some good friends of mine from days of old... a band called Dust 'n' Rox. Good cover band withsome of their own stuff. I've known them since grade school, but hadn't seen them in about 7 years!! It was weird running into them.
Foghat got it together and played a good set or two at the Buffalo Chip, and Jackyl stunk up the Full Throttle. Tell you what, I'd rather be eaten by cannibals than hear them play again. Pretty weak. I heard Cheryl Crow was really good, but her opening act (I can't remember the name) almost ruined the whole thing. Figures!
Anyway it was a great week. The bikes are rolling out, prices are going back down, and I have to get things back down to earth now. See you guys out in the Forum. Thanks for letting me share!!!

Spag's quote of the day:
"Aw-right. I'm almost to the moon now! Well, not quite, really, but I can see right over the tops of the houses. It's fantastic!"
- Comedian Eddie Izzard on the British Space Program -
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