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New Ski recommendation

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I'm looking to buy my first pair of skis and I'm looking for some recommendations. I've been skiing since I was four (I'm now 18) and I live on the east coast but I usually go out west about one-two weeks a year and I would consider myself an advanced skiier. I do a lot of moguls and as many glades as I can find. I go to the park a little and go off the jumps but don't do any real tricks. I'm also looking for twin tips, last year I tried them for the first time and I love riding switch. I used the Salomon Foils last year and had fun on them. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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There are a ton of great options within the category that you are looking at. Ultimately it depends on how wide you want to go being that you are on the east coast and like to ski off in the glades a bit I would recommend checking out some ski between 80-90mm or so, much like the Foils. Another couple great skis that I would add to the list that you should check out are the Line Prophet 90's, K2 Public Enemy and either the Dynastar Trouble Maker or Big Trouble.

The Big Trouble and the Line Prophet 90 are going to be relatively similar in shape and flex. If you are looking for something that you can ski hard pack all the time confidently but at the same time come out west and ski deep powder these are great choices. Both of the are wood core ski and have a waist width around 90mm. The downfall that these skis would have compared to other narrower ski is that they will not handle the bumps as well.

This is where the Dynastar Trouble Maker and K2 PE will perform better, because they are narrower and quicker edge to edge. As an every day ski some would consider these skis more reasonable because they are narrower and in icier or hardpack conditions they will be more energetic and fun to ski. The K2 will have more edge then the Dynastar but the Dynastar wil perform better in the bumps partially due to its straighter shape.

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