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Black big toe nails after skiing :(

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I have had a bit of a search on this but no real joy.

I have a pair of Strolz "black" ski boots that have had about 60 -70 days of use.

The appear fine, no real pain etc and I rarely need adjust the buckles during the day.

However one thing I notice is that I always seem to get bruised black big toe nails after skiing. After a few months the nail drops off. Apologies if you are eating

My better half sees it as a perfect excuse for me to get new boots as she hates them with a passion. She says they look very old school with wire buckles etc !

However any thoughts on what the cause is ?
I assume it is because they are either a little small or more likely a tad big perhaps even though they have appeared fine and not given me any pain etc.

Just wondering whether she might be right
(god forbid !) and it is time for new boots.

I am also off to Breck in Jan so could always make an appointment with Jeff for new boots if that appears the way to go ?
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it does sound like there is a little too much space and your foot is sliding forward, but lets be sure....... take the liner out, place your foot in the shell with your toes just brushing the front, how much space is ther behind your heel???

by doing the shell check you should be able to confirm if they are too big/too small/ or something else going on, it could be just the toe box shape isn't quite right and the corner of your nail catches on it, a slight stretch in the right direction may be all that is required
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what CEM said, but good luck getting the foam liners out. BIG PITA
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thanks Guys

CEM, i'll try what you suggest when home later.

As a coincidence I know Bicester well. I am a Sussex lad but lived in Reading for a while and covered Bicester in my "patch". Lovely part of the world
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Originally Posted by holo View Post
As a coincidence I know Bicester well. ...Lovely part of the world
Are we talking about the same Bicester? (or maybe it was better before CEM and the outlet stores moved into the area? )
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why thankyou foxy
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Black toe nails are from pounding your toes on the boot front as you already suspected. It can definitely be caused by boots that are too big. Can be caused by boots that are too small, but that is as rare as people admiring Bush's presidency.

But can also be a stance issue. If you lean back, feet go forward and bam. I looked at Strolz once a few years ago and seem to remember a boot with substantial ramp angle. Probably most ramp of any boot I had ever measured. Ramp can definitely put you in the back seat.

Try spacer under your binding toe which will reduce ramp and forward lean and see if that helps. Do you ski in Australia?
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I was looking at this thread and had to ask. Lou Rosenfeld how much toe lifts do you have to put under the toes until you fall forward on your face?
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Don't understand your question?
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Lou you said that ramp angle from heel to toe will put you in the back seat. I don't believe that, and I gave you an example. Another would be to put about an inch lift under your heels while standing still, then flex your knees and see how low you can go staying in balance. Now put that same lift under your toes and flex your knees again. See if you start flexing less, moving back sooner and losing balance to the rear.
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now now children, can we keep the arguments in the play pen
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Understand you don't believe it and I don't have a method to convince you other than to say that I have found it to be true over and over again. I'll let others here speak for themselves.

The problem with your example is you are using the extremes in range of motion when we rarely use that in skiing. Also I am talking about changes from the factory ramp angle.

The fact of the matter is that as ramp angle increases and you assume an athletic stance you cannot move as far forward before your COM crosses over your ball of foot and then your toes. Simple trig.

When your COM crosses over you fall over. Unless you of course are clamped into boots and bindings and use the boot tongue to hold you up. Can be done but I've yet to meet a coach that considers that a proper stance.

So too much ramp causes skiers to stay back in order to maintain strong balanced position.

Just demonstrated it this weekend in Park City with Alan Schoenberger a coach working with Park City and Snowbird racers. Had a kid (FIS level) who skied with good ankle angulation but fairly straight at the hips. Used a lot of muscle to start his turns. Taled with Alan about athletes position and he said they had been working for a long time to get him forward and were making gains but not quickly.

Reduced ramp angle and effective forward lean with shims under boot toe in the binding. Problem fixed virtually instantly. Pictures showed difference in stance and kid after only five minutes remarked it was easier to ski. Back more relaxed balance felt stronger and turns started easier. He is leaving for Chile today with changed ramp angle.

I can send you trig example if you like.
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Can you send that Trig example. Thank You
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black toe nails

Hi Holo,

Now back to the original question "Subgungual Hematoma"---oooooooooh, all that math in prior posts??---I wasn't good at math, how bout you.

One little thought.

Try tightening the 2nd buckle (from the top) so tight that it hurts then back off until it's livably comfortable---now kick the boot toe into the floor---if that doesn't hurt, you won't get black toe again---your boot may be to big as stated above---this might keep you from hitting the front of the shell.

Too big a boot will allow the liner (and your foot)to slide around inside the shell, get fitted!!!

tighten the ankle not the foot.

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