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Speedys is still open for sales this summer, but his shop is up at timberline, and his warehouse is down in Welches just past the subway.

Visit Speedy's Mt. Hood this Summer store for super Speedy deals! Speedy's Store #1 will open 6/25 to 8/25 7am to 7pm daily and will be located in the WY East Summer T-Shirt Store in the Day Lodge next to the rental shop and across from the ski school desk at the base of Timberline where tickets are purchased, resturant, etc. is located. Store #2 is Speedy's warehouse/ski room located in Welches down Salmon River Rd., 1/4 mile from the Subway sandwich store and the Welches School Athletic Field @ 25449 E. Salmon River Rd. Open daily 6/1 to 9/1 afternoons 3-7pm. Also Speedy's welcomes direct camp sales at you camp by appointment, call or text Speedy @971-207-9502 for an appointment. Fast Gear or Fast Skiers!

he also has a ton of volcom stuff that is very cool

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Speedys = awesome.

Got my first pair of pole guards there for a really good price at camp last year, saved me alot of pain during that week.
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