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Best Economical Wax For Nastar?

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Well Ive been using SWIX HF, however Im now on my own and Im trying to cut back on expenses. Is there anything out there that performs as good or better but with less cost? Ive tried a few different waxes but it seems I always go back to SWIX.
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Waxing your skis OFTEN makes much more difference than the type of wax you put on. This winter I waxed my skis 3 times a week with Toko Universal (its a green bar) The only times I used something different was if it was below 10 or above 30. My skis were always fast.

If you like Swix, use CH7 for almost everything.
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Saucer Wax or SWIX/TOKO Low Flouro works fine here out west. For wet spring conditions rub on Zardoz or SWIX F4 right before a race. I use these waxes for NASTAR and league racing. I also have some Podium rub on wax that works good in spring as well as winter but it is expensive.
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I would like to suggest trying SlideWrights Race Base Med. wax. I have had great results this past season with it. A added bonus is how long the great glide lasts. I still had good Nastar times after three days and could comfortable go four to six days between waxing in softer snow conditions. Terry at SlideWright is also helpful to work with . Highly recommended.
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Nastar courses are pretty FLAT. Use the BEST wax, not the cheapest. It's a wax race you know...
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Toko Universal mentioned - used for years but found Slidewright (here on Epic - Alpinord) much better. Although there are a thousand nuances of race waxing. Nastar weekends can be better with a good wax. I found in short Nastar racing it wasn't the glide factor was important but the brush/structuring after the waxing. This gave me immediate quick skis and worked well in short Nastar type racing.

There are a lot of posts/threads here on Epic, do a search at top of forums page and you will have reading for days - to take up summer time.
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Saucer wax , a new and up and coming wax, created and distributed out of Boulder, CO is and excellent and fairly inexpensive wax that competes with the big three, Toko, Swix and Holmenkol.
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Thanks everyone for your input! Ive decided to go with the slidewright maplus low flouro. Also thanks for the info on placing a good structure on the base, Ill use that advise as well.
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