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New Zealand travelling out of Auckland

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I am travelling to New Zealand at the end of July. I arrive in Auckland at 11:30am local time and would like to get to one of the 3 resorts around Mt Ruapehu to ski the next day. The airport is south of the city...does anyone know if I can catch a bus nearby that would be going south? Or, please comment on hitchhiking to the resort if you think it is feasible.

After heading back to Auckland to see a Tri Nations rugby match I will be going to the South Island to ski. I will probably ski quite a few days at club fields and a few at the resorts near Queenstown. With 18 ski areas on the south island I don't think I can hit them all. Which ones are the best for snow, expert terrain, backcountry/sidecountry opportunities?

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on the south isle, Treble Cone is the traditional favorite for experts. I found coronet, remarkables, and cardrona to be ok, but TC was a blast and they have a little BC

For backcountry and side country, you can't beat the club fields. Broken River, Cragieburn, Temple Basin all rocked my trip. If I had 2-3 weeks, I'd just live at the clubs. But TC is a sweet chair-accessed resort. The T-bar provides some great terrain.

sorry I can't help with the northern questions. Julie (?) will chime in soon. She's usually reliable info.
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hey mate - you can get either the national express to a town called national park - which services the whakapapa side. or the bus to ohakune, which services the (better in my opinion) turoa side. Turkino is the other small club field on the other side which is pretty hard to get to without your own wheels. Ohakune is your best bet as it is a little town that has a little life - especiaslly check out the powder keg bar. You can usually bum a lift up the mountain from either National park or ohakune.
Another option is to take the train down to nationaL PARK pretty stress free.
Theres snow forcast for next few days on the mountain!!! and i have just finished my exams - guess where i am headed???? A word of caution for skiing mt ruapehu - when its rough its a terrible place to ski- in fact the worst place i have ever skied, however whn its a nice day it can hold its own. Enjoy
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I can't help out with any North Island advice, I have only ever skied one half day in the North Island.

As for the south island, Samurai give some good advice. Treble Cone is the best comercial area for terrain and vertical, is my 'home' mountain.

If you like off piste and challenging terrain is more important to you than groomed slopes, definitiely spend some time at the club fields. I have not been to them all, only Craigieburn and Broken River, liked Craigieburn so much did not go anywhere else. Why? The bottom lift at Craigieburn is only a 5 minute walk from the car park, BR is a 20 minute hike to the ticket office(without gear), and then another 5 or 10 mins(with gear) to the bottom lift, Temple Basin is a 45 minute hike. I'd rather save my energy for the slopes and battling the rope tows, than hiking to the lift. You can stay overnight at the club fields(need a sleeping bag), which you cannot do at the commercial areas. The Craigieburn setup is great cause they have a bar and meals are provided, and their day lodge is amazing.

If the Nor'wester starts to blow it can impact the Canterbury ski areas (Mt Hutt, Craigieburn, Broken River etc). Sometimes it can close areas for a few days, if it looks like this is happening head down to Wanaka/Queenstown cause they don't get impacted by the nor-wester winds. And then go back to them on the way back.

some web links

what is a club field?

There are some great articles on NZ skiing by d-moo on www.biglines.com. He came out for the season in 2006 and is a northern hemisphere skiers perspective on both commercial and club fields. He was spot on with his comments, and has some great pics to entice you. I bumped into him at Craigieburn when he was 'researching'. If this link does not work then search for road trippin new zealand'. It has at least 10 parts to it, this link is to part 7. I think some of the articles have been archived.


http://www.biglines.com/search.php?s...+new+z ealand
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