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I skied 10'000 foot of fresh today

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…More like 15,000 foot of fresh actually…OK not all powder, some windpack some crust but mainly powder….I skied Craigieburn, the big one…Probably the best extreme skiing in the southern Hemisphere as Glen Plake once said. This place has about as much skiing as all the alpine on whistler and more steeps than Squaw!

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You are living the life man. If you aren't in Europe you are skiing the summer away in the southern hemisphere. Rip it up and keep us posted on those great days. It will help me get through the dog days of summers.

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tom - if it was 15,000 ft that might explain why I was so tired and sore on Monday. I did not do as many runs as you and Graeme, but 12,000 ft plus all my crashes put my aging body to the test. I enjoyed skiing with you, and hopefully one day I will be able to attack the Craigieburn slopes the way you guys did!

For those of you admiring the photos, it was $39 NZD (about $19 USD) for the lift pass, and there were only about 20 of us on the mountain including the staff, so that means lots of fresh tracks. Much better value than heli skiing, as long as you don't mind rope tows, and bringing your own food. Don't go if you need groomed slopes, they do not own a snow groomer. Awesome place.

Off to Treble Cone this weekend ............I promise to take my camera.
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I thinks that we have to talk to AC and DChan about this abuse that we are dealing with from down under [img]tongue.gif[/img]
On the more serious side, all the best Tom. You are living the dream for all of us.
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15,000 of vertical? Ok, isn't that like 10 runs down a 1500 ft run? What did you do for the other fiver hours of the day?

When I first read the post I thought you meant you climbed and I thought it was awesome. But, 15,000 of lift-serviced runs in a whole day?

Am I missing something?
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Originally posted by WVSkier:
Am I missing something?
Nope, nothing at all. I was there too. You'd probably hate it. Really.

OK, move along folks, nothing to see here, just a little ski hill at the end of the earth....
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grum - are you who I think you are from looking at your profile, ie. you've changed your username ? There were only 20 people there and I only remember one being on Atomic R10, and the Bandit XX were left in the car............. damn, I thought there might have been another propsective single man out there for me but I know you're spoken for.

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pow, steep & recently single women ...... mmmmmmmmm .... why am I here not there ???

Enjoy; you lucky lucky bastarrrddddssss

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]
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What's the new lunch hut like???

I'm not sure if it's finished.

Off to push some snow with the PB, here's for the snow that's forcast for the vnext few days getting here in good shape. More freshies for all!!!!
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I have been wondering why I have been a bit flat recently and generally feeling hard done by and I have now realised that I would usually be skiing the South Island at this time of the year and for the first time in a number of years I'm not.
Well once you recognise the problem you can to handle it - maybe. Step one plan for next year.

Keep the pictorial esay coming Tom. Lets see some of Treble Cone Julie. Surely they can come up with a better shot for the webcam?
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nomad - I agree they should be able to get a better web cam view at TC. It should focus on the mountain not the view of the lake in the background. Ptoblem is the view from the bottom is not the best, the rock garden area makes it look rough. So the next spot with power connected to the base is the top of the 6 seater. Even if they pointed it to the left you'd get more of an idea of conditions.

man from oz - maybe when you sell that house?

ben ferg - the lunch hut is going to be awesome when complete, even incomplete it is MUCH better than the old one. It is closed in and the deck has been built so it is quite usable. The walls are not lined yet, but they have the fire installed. We had to sit on the floor Sunday but apparently some furniture is being made this week. Has massive windows both sides so you can look over both bowls. Don't think it will be fully lined until next year, short of funds I think. Sitting on the deck on a sunny day is the pick of the spots.
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man form oz
Thats the problem with us Australian men, wrong place wrong time!
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If Nick has it in a usable state then it's a start. A good start

I hope to get back to the club fields after the school hols. Sadly I don't get much time off until the snowmaking is finished.
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Originally posted by WVSkier:
Am I missing something?
yeah, a f#*king brain.

rip on, tom!

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Hey r

And they say you're a jerk and have no class. You really showed em.
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WVSkier, ive been skiing at waterville my whole life, but now at sugarloaf trying to make my way out to summit county. hopefully teaching skiing or some where along those lines. just got certified last winter getting level II this season........was it hard finding a job out there on the mtn.............its good to see another east coast skier on this forum. lata.
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Originally posted by WVSkier:
15,000 of vertical?...Am I missing something?
No, I quess at 50 @Vail you know what its all about there, chief.

Keep rock'n Tom & thanks for the info, pics & everything else you share. You are the Dude, man. Hope to snag you for a couple next year in BC.

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Why not simply explain that with tow ropes, belts and nutcrackers, un-groomed slopes and the
occasional hike around to reach a nice spot, 15000 vert in a day are quite an achievement?
This way it would be clearer IMO.
But maybe I am missing something
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