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TR: Gray's Peak, Colorado

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Today was summer solstice, longest day of the year. Nevertheless, we set our alarms for 4 AM to get an early start on Gray's. The initial plan was to climb and ski Lost Rat Couloir, but it became obvious that there was no snow on the ~50 or so feet just after the entry, so we changed our plan to climb the normal route, as we could see that snow was continuous from the 14,270 foot summit to the basin at 12,300 feet. The old fart scored again, as I smoked both Ben (age 28) and Alex (age 23) and was the first to summit. Alex was on a board, Ben on skis, and I was on AT gear. Everybody else on the summit kept asking where we planned to ski from, and we replied, "right here". We swooped down and jumped the cornice at the col between Gray's and Torrey's Peak, and blasted on down, as literally every person slogging up and down the trail stopped to watch. Snow conditions were great, and it was just total fun. Neither Ben nor Alex had ever skied a 14er before (and Ben had never climbed one) or skied with an ice axe before, so it was just a great day all around.

Ben getting some

But Alex proves that girls really do have more fun
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I was last there in 1984 or so, chasing snow in an October blizzard. Nice trip and photos!
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Looks like fun. Love the photos. Gives me another reason to get out of the heat (111 deg F.) and visit CO. What AT set-up were you on?
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My impression of AT gear is that the equipment forces you to give up 80% of downhill performance, and you use everything you know to get back to 50%. My set-up is all about light weight, on the premise that if you can't get up it, you can't ski it. So, I ski Mt. Baker superlights, with Dynafit bindings and Dynafit carbon-fiber 3-buckle boots with Powerstraps to make a pseudo-4th buckle. At least 20 people stopped me to comment that I was their hero, hiking up in ski boots. In fact, they were totally comfy.
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