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Hello from Jaws

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Hello Epic Ski Lovers !!!

I have been away for so long. Too long. Good to see everyone is alive and well and posting like mad, even in the off-season.

I'm shopping for a Kayak.
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yo. thought about you in march when i was in park city. we had talked about meeting up. didja get to snowbasin?

welcome back!
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welcome back.
The funny thing about all the posting is so much of it is still about skiing
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Hey ryan - yeah, we should have made a better effort to get together last Feb/March. I had difficulties getting my group of 6 organized. Had fun skiing Alta/Snowbird, Solitude/Brighton.

I did return to Utah on March 17, and that is the weekend I skied Snowbasin, albeit alone.
The top of the mountain was socked in by a whiteout, so it was a little dicey skiing unknown and unseen terrain. Talk about vertigo. Almost made me feel ill. It got warm that weekend too, so the snow was not ideal. Have no fear, however, I still found some Pow up high. Part of the mountain was closed due to the Ford Downhill Series.
Overall, the 'Basin was fun, had some cool terrain, but was prone to irregular snow conditions. No lift lines ever; had whole gondolas to myself.

dchan - looking forward to more of your great posts.
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