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My Off Season Boot Search has Ended!!!!

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Intent on never renting skis and boots again, I have spent a better part of the past three months digging through these forums looking for tips and pointers on what gear to buy and from where. I would like to thank everyone for the great posts and advice.

I am totally stoked to have picked up some Elan Magfire 8s from Dawg for a song. I found some Goode graphite poles for cheap thanks to someone else on the list. But buying boots from San Antonio, Texas was a chore (yes, I am the second SA resident to post today, go figure).

All in all, I bought 10 pairs of boots before finding the winners. I bought 2 pairs of Lange Fluid '80s (too soft in flex), 2 pairs of Technica Diablo Fires (pinched), 2 pairs of Salomon Falcon 9s (too small in the toe box), 2 pairs of Salomon Impact 8s (just not nice at all) and 2 pairs of Salomon X Wave 8.0s (YEAH!). The sizes I bought ranged from 26.5 to 28.5, not knowing my exact size and having rented both 27.5s and 28.5s in last couple of years.

After reading everyone's advice about checking shell size, toe's touching the front when standing and moving back slightly when leaned forward and the fact that most people buy boots that are too big, I figured out that I had been renting boots that were too big and that 26.5 was the perfect size. I wear a 9.5 to 10 in regular shoes, but 42 in Birkenstocks.

After trying on and wearing each and every boot, I decided that the X-Waves rule! I can't wait to get on the slopes!!!!!!! This forum has kept me sane while I wait for snow!!!!

Keep up the posts and the pictures!!!!! ~(-<-<//
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I don't know where you ski (and that may be an issue in SA), but with boots I highly recommend finding a good bootfitter (maybe somewhere on a trip), going there and trusting the person to do the job well. If a boot fits right out of the box chances are it is too big. This board can point you to a good bootfitter at a variety of ski resorts. I am all for buying skis off the internet, but boots are really a personalized product. Heat-moldable shells could change that in the future, but so far there is no substitute for a good fitter's touch.

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Thanks Alex, and I agree. Living in SA is great, except for its distance away from the mountains. The only ski shop we have is Sun and Ski, and the one here should be renamed to Sun and Sun because they don't have sqwat for ski equipment. And the people that work there know very little about what they have or how to fit it.

I tried really hard to find boots that will fit after the boots pack and are not too big. The 26.5 X-Wave has the same shell and the 26 and I can't get my foot into a 25.5. I plan to go by the boot fitter in Breckenridge when we are there in January to get my boots tweaked and to get some orthotics. I hope that is going to work.
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Now you've got 8 pair of boots assorted brands and sizes. Are you going to open an eBay store or will you become an Epic supoorter and list them in the Epic Gear Swap section?
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Be careful. Entering into "gear-dorkism" is a slippery slope... one that has caught many soul skiers off guard. One minute, you just want some gear that works. The next thing you know, you are adjusting your bevels by 1/2 degrees and driving your boot fitter and ski tech nuts!
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the number of boots you went through is nuts. it would have been cheaper to fly to mt.hood and demo boots in the summer till you find some that are good
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Originally Posted by SAskiBUM View Post
2 pairs of Salomon X Wave 8.0s (YEAH!).
YEAH! Best boots I've ever owned.
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No worries, I was able to return every pair at REI in Austin. We go to Austin a couple of times a month, so that wasn't a problem.

I cleaned them out by mail order first and then had the rest shipped to their store in Austin where I returned the first order and only walked out with one pair. With a zero percent credit card, there were no interest charges, just a huge chunk taken out of my credit limit until I returned the boots. Where there's a will, there's a way.

And I plan to become an Epic supporter because I want to go to the ESA! I have been reading this board for a long time, just never posted until now. After reading about the academy and seeing the pics, I am all in!
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