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Mountain Art

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So I was just looking through some pictures from last winter and I came across these of tracks that I left on the Face up at Jay. It was only a couple inches of dust on crust, but it produced a beautiful line. This got me thinking that there have got to be a LOT of other pictures out there of this unique art form that we all strive to create... so let's see 'em!

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Nothing, huh? Come on now... I KNOW there are PLENTY of people on here who MUST have pictures of pristine lines that they have left on otherwise untracked slopes, right? Lets share!
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Glad I got this one before we went back in, I really like this pic.

Somebody post Bill Briggs' Grand photo, please... That needs to be in here!
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Here are some from my trip to Jackson Hole at the end of March.

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Photos by MattLu........
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Here's three;
The first & second are high West Face, Park City on a 2'+ day in February
the third is at Park City in January. A little chute where I only find my own tracks- maybe it's the pointy things.
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