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US & Canadian Ski Hall of Fame - who's missing?

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Crosspost with another forum.

Okay, there was talk about Bill Briggs and the US Hall of Fame on the TGR forum got me thinking. Who else should be considered for the ski hall of fame (in Canada or the US), but isn't? And why?

I always a few years back that Wayne Wong wasn't part of the Canadian Ski Hall of Fame and I believe that he should.

Wayne Wong, one of the pioneer in freestyle, when freestyle wasn't too serious and was simply called "Hot Dog" skiing. Also became an icon due to his involvement with the sport.

Next??? Also curious if there is a consensus?:

You can find the list in the links below.
The US Ski Hall of Fame


The Canadian Ski Museum Hall of Fame

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Spider Sabich comes to mind.
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Frank Beddor III
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Mahres names are spelled wrong

Add Glenn Plake, Bobbie Burns and Richard Spademan
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I can't spell either but I'm not paid to spell
Hank Kashua?
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Ken Read, the first Canadian to win a World Cup Downhill.
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The list of athletes and innovators that ARE NOT on the list but should be is too long to list.

It's the Ski and Snowboard HOF and Craig Kelly isn't on it? I stopped reading at that point. It's obviously an alpine competition based list, Craig won EVERYTHING there was to win in Snowboard competition and then became the first Certified Snowboard Guide in north America, he should be in.

How about Schmidt, Plake, Hattrup, Coombs ?

How about Greg Stump?

For the Canadians I think Eric Pehota and Trevor Peterson deserve inclusion.
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Originally Posted by Ghost View Post
Ken Read, the first Canadian to win a World Cup Downhill.
Ken Read was inducted in 1987, unless you're talking about the US Ski Hall of Fame.


Wurtele twins are both. :

Rhona Wurtele-Gillis did moved to the US while she was married and raced on the US National team for a while.
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^^ ????? ^^
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Take Marolt off the list ..........
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Oops. I read the names under the R. There is another column to the left with Read's name on it.
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How about Mike Porter?

Easily one of the most forward looking individuals in the industry!

When it came to producing top racers as a coach, he is unparalleled.

As a player/coach with the US Demo Team for over 20 years, and spear heading much of the development of PSIA over the past 35 years, he is the Obi-Wan that most elite PSIA instrs still turn to.

As a consultant to almost every major ski area/ company in the US, and multiple ski/binding/boot manufacturers, his impact (though mostly unknown) is evident coast to coast, and internationally.

His reputation is so internationally recognized within the industry, the mention of his name almost anywhere makes the eyes of those in the know open a little wider!

And to many of you, a name you have probably never heard. That is truly in keeping with his humble, self effacing personality.

To leave him off this list of honor would be tantamount to leaving Stenmark, Mahre, Ghiradelli, Zurbriggen, Tomba, and Maier off the list.

Though you will never see his name on a WC result sheet, his impact on the overall state of the sport in the US is undeniable!
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I imagine they'll be putting Kristina Koznick on pretty soon (6 WC victories, 20 WC podiums).
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Claudine should be in the hall of fame for all the wrong reasons. Speaking of Caludine why isn't Spider Sabich on the list? Anybody got some recent pictures of Claudine. I want to see her when she is old a ugly.
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