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Having graduated from my first degree, I'm thinking bout taking a (southern hemisphere) summer off to go live at/near a ski resort somewhere. I've been thinking bout Canada or the States (Whistler etc), but am beginning to wonder about Europe. I don't speak French, so that's kinda out as somewhere to work... I really like the sound of Sweden as a country in general. All I seem to be able to find on the internet, however, is beginner/intermediate and cross country skiing. Does anyone know of any ski areas there with a decent variety of more advanced terrain, and preferably a nice pub or two? Cheers
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Well if only English speaking Scandiland in general is not a bad spot for easy communication, leaving alone the beautiful coutryside. With regards to some more advanced skiing Norway rather than Sweden is where it's at. Located around the arctic circle they have a pretty long season too.

Do a search for Roldal, Hemsedal, Riksgränsen and ask over on TGR for more details, lots of Scandi locals posting there.

That said the amount of lift served acreage and vertical is not on par with the alpine resorts, actually not even close. AT is a different story.
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Slightly OT, but don't assume that lack of French/German means that you can't get work in the Alps. If you have other useful skills (maturity and reliability being high among them) you could still work for a British company/bar/ski shop. The Alps are full of antipodeans doing just that.
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As a Kiwi that has lived in Whistler, Vail and Aspen and has a swedish girlfriend in stockholm. whistler if you want to drink and have fun AWESOME! very international cool, skiing is off the charts (on a good day), low key, vail good to make money in the restaurants/teaching skiing etc it's fun (skiing is probably the best overall in terms of the consistency (power or blue skies) but average nightlife and no culture, aspen is cool lots of kiwis good times hard to find the really good jobs and it's expensive. sweden what skiing? no the skiing is minimal but the people are amazing great times. hope this helps. cheers camski.
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There's an awful lot of Swedes in Fernie. Must be a reason they all leave.

Newf (of Swedish ancestry)
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Go to Engelberg, CH. The place is completely overrun with Swedes. Or go to Chamonix and spend all your time in Chambre Neuf. Again, it's Swedish Occupied Territory in the Alps.
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Righto, sounds like my initial impression of skiing in Sweden itself was fairly correct. Cheers for the tips, guys, I'll think bout those options too Edit: oh and yeah I had a week in Whistler this past season and loved it, so it's my default place to go to if I don't come up with something different. Not as many bloody Aussies there as at Big White, at least
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if you're looking to work in Europe, have you got the relevant visa/passport?

Most of the French Alps will be fine for an English speaker, Val d'Isere, Tignes, Val Thorens... are all very English.

I'll put a quick plug in here for Natives... (a ski season recruitment agency run by a friend of mine). Take a look on there for advice and options on jobs.
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Yes, I've found good things on (although I'm thirty years beyond looking for work there!)
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Yeah I am only 21 so shouldn't have too much trouble with visas etc, though I need to get onto it. NZ passport isn't too bad for such things, though it's a pity I don't have a European grandparent hehe. Yeah I've checked out natives in the past and found it helpful . Any thoughts on Europe vs Canada/US? Also, why is Tahoe rarely mentioned as a possibility, out of interest?
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There is some nice skiing resorts in sweden, the problem is rather to actually live there :-), Åre is the bigest and maybe the only one village where you could live in, Riksgränsen and Björkliden in the far north of Sweden offers sweet skiing, especially in the spring, and you could ski in glow of the midnight sun, but to live there? No way, I've been working a couple of years in Björkliden and you'll have 110km to the nearest town (Kiruna).
But to have a road trip thru sweden and norway is well worth the time.
In other case I'll recomend Engelberg or Andermat, bigger, better and more of basicly everything.
MOre info about skiing in Swe -
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