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Good skis for 12 y/o girl?

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Help me select some skis for my 12 y/o niece.

Wife & I introduced her to the sport last season, and she even accompanied us on a week long trip to Mt Tremblant. She is very athletic, and made quick progress (first day on local hill, after first lesson she was making almost parallel turns, in control, from the top of the mountain, and then by the time we went to Tremblant there was only one trail I did that she didn’t do). We rented her skis last year, K2 Luv Bug 136, which seemed OK, but I think she could do better.

She took an ‘expert’ lesson in Canada, and while she did OK, the instructor said she would’ve gotten more out of an Intermediate lesson (wife pressed for putting her in expert, wanted her to be ‘challenged’, its her niece so I relented).

I’d like to get her something that she can grow into for a season or two, that will challenge her now, and still work for her later, but not something that will be too much ski for her now. We are on a budget, so these are going to be used skis. So I’m looking for a list of good options so I can look for deal on whatever is available.

She’ll be skiing East Coast only (ice, PP, etc). She always wants to be with the front of the group (sort of a speed demon). She is about 5’ 2”, about 100 lbs, growing taller, and very strong for her size (don’t believe me, let her punch you in the arm, ouch)

What recommendations do you guys have?
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anything soft skinny around 145ishcm in lenght and 65-70mm in waist width. With out seeing her ski that about the best advice anyone can give you over the internet.

Also pushing kids up in lessons doesnt allways mean they will learn often time its mean they will pushed over there limits and scared.
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Just my unqualified opinion: Head supershape, between eyeball and head high.
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Thanks! Thats a good start, who else wants to chime in?

I'll be sure to relate your advice about kids lessons to the rest of the choir I'm with you, no point taking a lesson above your ability, scared or not. But it wasn't my decision. Had I forced the issue it would've just made it worse. I knew her well enough to know she'd be OK.
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After my kids first two seasons I put them on on junior race skis. THough they were not racing they were fine on the skis and the quality and performance was much higher than regular junior skis which tend to be floppy rental quality skis with graphics that mimic whatever adult ski the mfr is pushing that year (i.e., "Bandit Jr." etc.)

Here's a good option - new K2 junior GS ski ("team" = junior) ski at $69 http://www.evogear.com/outlet/skis/k...team-2005.aspx . You'd need bindings

Another option - used but good condition Fischer junior World Cup GS in 148 cm -- that my daughter no longer uses. Includes With Marker Free 1200
bindings, mounted for 25.5, DIN 3 - 12. Offered here earlier but no takers obviously: http://forums.epicski.com/showthread.php?t=60967 I was going to try selling again in the fall but if you're interested let me know. $70 plus shipping (or could pickup depending where you are in CT). My daughter used these when she was 12 or 13, weighed in the 90 lb range - loved them on eastern hardpack.
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Rossi Stratos with Spademan bindings. I had those and they rocked!

That's as good as any other advise.
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Consider something similar to these Head Supershapes or World Cup Race

Or, something like the Fischer RX Heat Junior.

Look for a ski with about a 10 meter radius sidecut, and decent junior bindings...not the lightest duty and cheapest. Try to avoid the fad skis that are wide with not much sidecut...not the best for your snow. I teach kids this age, and the wide skis just make turning harder for the kids, especially at this level.

A good ski shop can offer recommendations about length and other brands. How about last year's model at the next Thanksgiving sale?

As always, the right boots that fit just right are more important than skis.

Your wife erred putting the kid into lessons that were too advanced. She needs to be able to succeed at tasks while she's learning new tasks.
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If she is interested in venturing off the groomer occasionally or in learning to ski in all conditions, I would have her stay away from the race stock (even the jr. variation) altogether. Skiing off trail with race skis takes a lot of strength and skills. Even many seasoned jr. racers cannot do that proficiently. With a one ski quiver, a race ski will only have her stuck with hardpack and light powder conditions.

There are plenty of good all mountain youth skis out there. Much more manageable than race skis but still are very able.

Here is one good choice:
http://www.untracked.com/p1054-07_li...ip_skis. html

Here is another:
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Be A Hero

Don't know what the budget is but for the money I would take a look at this setup as it's good for eastern skiing or most anywhere. I ski NH mostly so I know you need something to handle conditions from ice to that all to rare powder days(minutes is more like it). I also agree with softsnowguy the boots need to be as close to perfect a fit as possible.
These have a good waist and tip size for the crud busting we do all to often here. The "wood core" will give her the pop from turn to turn that will help build confidense on steeper slopes as they will be quick edge to edge and plenty fast for the speed demon. She should easily get 2 years out of them before needing new sticks.
Skis and bindings for $269.80 is a damn good price for a ski this nice and she has room to grow in her skiing ability with these.
Dimensions: 114/74/104mm Almost the same dimensions as my Rossi skis and thay are great all around eastern skis(110-74-101).
  • Turn Radius: 15.1m (@ 168cm)
  • Warranty: One Year
  • Skill Level: Intermediate - Advanced
  • Type of Ski: Mid-Fat
  • Gender: Womens
  • Integrated Binding System: No
  • Construction Features: Wood Core
  • Tail: Rounded
  • Model Year: 2007
  • Skill Range: 3-5
Skis: http://www.evogear.com/outlet/skis/r...mens-2007.aspx
Bindings: http://www.evogear.com/alpine-ski-bi...-100-2008.aspx
Come on Uncle Oppenheimer you know she deserves it so bust out the plastic and pull the trigger she will love ya for it lol.:
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