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Twin Tip recommondation

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hey everyone
I'm getting a new pair of skis in the next month and i'm not sure what to get. I'm 6', 190lbs and an advanced skier. I'm looking for an all mountain twin that hold an edge on the groomers, handle powder fairly well and also be able to ski slush and ice.
I've been looking at the volkl bridge but i'm not sure if the 92mm waist is too much (the most i've skied on before is a 82mm head monster). Also the salomon lord and armada ar6 are on the list.
Any help would be great.
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First off, why a twin? Are you planning to ride the park at all?

In terms of the skis you listed, I've ridden/owned the Armada AR5, the precursor to the AR6. Even though they billed it as an all-mountain, it was definitely more akin to a park cross-over. That said, keep in mind that Armada skis are mainly tailored toward the park (they tend to have more forward mounts...then again I have'nt been on an Armada in 3 seasons, but the AR5's I had were def mounted too far forward). You may also find that a bulk of twins have more of a centered mount, which will be a bit weird if you grew up skiing more traditional mounts (i.e. more tip, less tail).

Also, would be beneficial to know where you predominantly ski (i.e. East Coast, West Coast, Europe) and how many days you clock in, just to get an idea of your skill/dedication.

That said, I'll give you my only recommendation, which is based upon experience:

Lib Tech NAS Freeride: http://www.libtechnas.com/

it's 99/93 at the waist, holds a serious edge, and is stable and fairly light.

Great ski.

I own 2 pairs and use it as my everyday and mild pow ski (my other set up is a Spatula for dirty deep days).
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i've had rossi bandit xx's for the past 5 years, and this year I tried line blends and prophet 90s. the blends were light and a little more lively than the prophets, but the prophets are by far the best ski ive even been on. its incredibly stable, plows though crud, has a great edge hold, and the 90 width makes it work in some powder. like i said though, those are the only two twins ive been on, but both of them kicked the sh*$ out of my bandits. i bought the prophets this season, and use them as an everyday ski
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I ski a bit of park at the moment, about 5-10% but i'm planning on getting into it more as i've pretty conquered everything else.
I ski about 2 weeks in Australia which is mainly crud, slush, ice and some boot deep powder. I also usually travel for 2 weeks to a month overseas like japan, canada and west coast. I have the Head Monster im82 and thats may favourite ski, so if possible i'd want a twin tip that skis as close to this.
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Come to Niseko in January and talk to Mark at Rhythym & Beats; guarantee he'll put you on some skis you'll like, and then be able to offer good advice based on what you report back.
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Adza 1990,

Check out the Dynastar Big Trouble it fits what you are looking for almost exactly. With a 92mm waist width it will hold an edge as well as anything else on the market. As far as in powder, crud and corn you will find that because it has a relatively stiff fore body this ski feels extremely stable and eats up everything in its path. One of the most surprising thing about the Big Trouble compared to the Volkl bridge is the shape. Although both of these skis are 92mm underfoot the Bridge has substantially more shape making it a more turny where as the Big Trouble has much more of a GS sidecut. Where this will affect you most is off trail, because the BT has less shape it tends to ski in powder and crud much better. On a technical side note the Bridge has a kick tail not a true twin tip where the BT does have a much larger shovel on th tail and is a true twin tip. Depending on how aggressive you are you could ski the Big Trouble in either a 176 or 186, Im 6'4" 225lbs and I prefer the 186.

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the k2 obsethed, volkl mantra, dynastar big trouble are all exelent skis.
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Head Mojo 90 or K2 Public Enemy might fit the bill.
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If you like the Head 82's you may want to try the Monster 88's. We are about the same size and I have the 175 cm wish I'd gone longer, nice ski and will hold a good edge on hardpack. Also I heard there is a new Mojo 94 coming out. I think I'll give that a shot after I sell my 88's.

Good Luck.
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Word to your mother. Head Mojo 90s and Line Prophet 90s. Forget the other stuff. Seriously. You want a park ski that does it all? Either will smash everything and leave you smiling. I can't post another "buy the mojos" response, I'm cutting myself off.
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Head Mojo 94, it has the vertical sidewall construction of the iM82, has the traditional Head feel and rips all mountain. The Mojo 90 is a REALLY good ski, the Mojo 94 is better at everything.
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Originally Posted by Whiteroom View Post
Head Mojo 94, it has the vertical sidewall construction of the iM82, has the traditional Head feel and rips all mountain. The Mojo 90 is a REALLY good ski, the Mojo 94 is better at everything.
I thought the Mojo 94 wasn't a twin tip.
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I bought a pair of Mantras this spring and am very happy with them. Not a true twin, but if you're after more of an all-mtn stick, those are where it's at. I've heard good things about the Bridge, and they're designed for what you're looking for, so that's definitely an option.

Of course, you can't go wrong with Head, IMO, so those rec's coming from other people is probably good advice. The only thing I could say is that I've found Heads to be well-damped so the Monsters might not be great for park... But the Mojos might be livelier (haven't skied them myself), if that's what you're looking for.

Oh yeah, and don't worry about the waists being too wide. Most of the fatties these days ski a lot more narrow than you'd think. My Mantras are super-quick edge to edge. The only thing you need to get used to is adjusting to a slightly wider stance if you ski with your legs close together, old-school style. Especially in the bumps.
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Before trying the Mantras the widest ski I'd been on was 70mm at the waist. I was very surprised by how easy it was to adapt to the 96mm waist - basically not much adaptation needed, just ski 'em like any other ski and let the extra width do it's thing.
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I picked up the Dynastar Big Trouble (lime-green & black model) on sale last season. At first I was afraid the 92mm waist would be too fat for all-around fun, but the BT quickly proved itself to be a great do-it-all ski. Throw this ski any challenge and it will not fail to win you over. Heck, it even carves up the groomers! I love my Big Troubles! I'm 6 ft, 175 lb and ski the BT in 175cm. I have other fun skis (Salomon Pocket Rocket, Dynastar Troublemaker, Rossi Scratch Sprayer) but the BT is the one I grab when I'm not sure what kind of conditions I'm going into. It handles everything. Go with 175cm if you like to mix it up and hit a few jumps, or if your focus is more toward powder and big mountain skiing, get the 186cm.
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Thanks a lot for the help i'm pretty sure that i'll get either the head mojo 90/94's or the volkl bridge.
Does anyone know the differences between these skis with flex ,weight, sidecut etc.?
Also i can get the bridges (ski only) for $799 aussie dollars but does anyone know how much the heads are?
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Bob Peters explicitly says in this thread http://forums.epicski.com/showthread.php?t=66315 that the Mojo 94 is *not* a twin tip. Just an FYI.
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Ok what about the Mojo 90 is there a new 2009 model for that coming out?
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dood! This is the interwave! That shizz is a google away, man! Sheesh!!!
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Volkl Bridge

I made the mistake of buying 2008 Volkl Bridges around x-mas. I already got rid of them. I had them with Marker jesters. Skied 4 runs with them and put them back in the truck. I hear good things about the 2009 Volkl Bridges. The demo in Keystone this year had a lot of guys much happier with the 09s than the 08s. I did not like the 08s. Cool graphics. Ski has no rebound or energy. I did not like the 92 waist on these skis. They seemed like pontoons. I prefer under 82 waists but then again most of my skis are more race bred. Next year I am done messing around. and getting a pair of Dps skis. On a side note if your looking for a sweet park ski the 09 volkl walls are supposed to be much better as well. The 08 walls edges do not last. Just my input.
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Are you sure the '09 Bridges are different? I thought I read that it's the same ski, just different graphics. Can't find where I read that, though. The dimensions are identical from '08 to '09, obviously the flex could be different. But in my experience, if the dimensions are exactly the same from year to year, the ski is the same.
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Well I have not personally skied on the 09s yet. I did own a pair of the 08 bridges. I did not enjoy them. The head ski guy at my local shop said that the 09s where to be upgraded. He got to demo them in keystone this spring. He said that they are better than the 08s. I personally did not have a good experience with the 08s. They lacked a flash (for lack of a better word) that caught my attention.
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Originally Posted by adza_1990 View Post
I ski a bit of park at the moment, about 5-10% but i'm planning on getting into it more as i've pretty conquered everything else.

Pictures and video needed.
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Originally Posted by MAGGOT View Post

Pictures and video needed.

Worldcup racers will still tell you they need to improve on something. There is always someone better than you. There is also ALWAYS something that you can improve on in this sport.
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volkl bridge. done
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I love my bridges, i live on the east coast but my family lives in europe so these skis work great. They'll hold an edge well enough on the groomed trails, and they're light enough that you can fool around a bit. I found them to chatter a bit when you really put some force on them, but for the most part they're great.
I wouldn't get them if all you want to do is ride frontside, because they really can rip in the backcountry. Also i'm not hucking 10s in the park... but 3s, and the occasional 5 and these skis are easy enough to bring around.
They're worth demoing atleast.
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Hi my name is Evan and I am from the Boston area.  I have read some threads and noticed that you have some great advice on topics that relate to my own.  If you could just give me your two cents that would be very much appreciated.  Thank You. 

My post is called East Coast All Mountain Twin Tip, or you can respond here.

This is my post
Hi I am in dire need of help.  I am a level 8 skier (still cant do moguls well tho) and am 5'9 160lbs.  I ski all east coast which usually means packed powder, groomers, trees and I do ski some park.  Mostly groomers and packed powder though.  I am still learning in the park but I also enjoy hitting any type of kicker on a regular trail.  I currently have some old line invaders that are 151cm.  WAY too short since I just had a major growth spurt from 5'4 to 5'9 over the past year and a half.  My new skis need to be durable because I am a teenager and deliver alot of damage to my skis.  Whether it be skiing over some rocks or roots or being thrown in the trunk of a car and hauled to the mountains, they need to be tough.  Some of the skis that I have had my eye on are
K2 PEs
Line Chronics
K2 Silencers
Salomon 1080s
Armada AR6s
Armada T-Halls
Armada El Reys

I am of course open to any other suggestions and please help me with this decision as i could use any advice or input out there.  Thank you.

Also my 151cm line invaders are for sale.  They are the ones with the black graphics.  The top plastic sheet has a few minor scratches and dings but nothing that affects performance.


also I have another post which I believe you could greatly help me with. 

what is the difference between these skis.

I am looking for an all mountain twin tip for the east coast.  Corduroy and groomers mostly with a small amount of time in the park but i mostly hit natural features around the mountain.  Also if you could compare any of these skis to PEs or any other suggestions


once again Thank You.
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Just scanned the thread quickly but I did not see any mention of the Scott Punishers. I have read many reviews, all of which were very positive. Not that it means too much but the Scott Punishers were given 1st place in the All Mountain Category by OnTheSnow for the 2010 ski season: http://www.onthesnow.com/gear/ski_reviews/a/102
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Thank you. I will definitely look into those.

Any chance you have heard, skiied or read anything about any of the skis I mentioned above?

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No actually. Most all of the skis I have skied have been all mountain piste skis, none have had twin tips. I don't do much backwards skiing, but there have been many unfortunate times I wish I had twin tips. 
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