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Considering K2 CaBrawlers...

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I am a fairly good skiier on all of the mountain, but my real passion is in the bumps. I'm still trying to get really good at them. I live out east in Pittsburgh, PA, and in the ski mostly at 7springs (although I will be heading out west to Vail this winter). The conditions are usually fairly icy, not too much thick powder, typical eastern icy hardpack.

I'm considering getting K2 cabrawlers to use in the bumps, but I have concerns about their ability on the rest of the mountain. Especially out west, where they might sink due to their thinness. So if anyone has advice, testimonials, or anything to say, it'd be appreciated.
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I never did an official review on these skis but I've had plenty of comments that you might care to search out. Pretty much boils down to I love 'em in the bumps and I've been very pleasantly surprised at their very good performance all over the mountain. Sink? Yeah, not what you would call a floaty ski but still fun for me in up to 6" of Colorado new and I've had fun skiing them in snow a bit deeper than that. A good one ski quiver for out west? I wouldn't say so but other quite dedicated bumpers would.

You can find a bunch more info at mogulskiing.net. If you have any more specific questions I'll be glad to do my best to answer them.

Oh, and welcome to epicski. Look around a bit, it's a fun place.
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I started looking for a pair of CaBrawlers because I've also heard a lot of good word of mouth about them. I found a pair I could afford and am really looking forward to using them. I've used Hart F17s, K2 710s, 812s, 233 mids, Rossignol FMs and a few others as bump skis in the past. If you're waffling on size be sure to go with the longer ones. Especially since the ski they list as 179 cm is actually a touch under 173 cm. They look (tip mid tail) and feel (a bit stiffer than a typical freestyle ski) a lot like my F17s. In a pinch, I'd rather ski a bump ski in powder than ski a powder ski in bumps, but neither is highly recommended for the other.

Here's a thought, get the CaBrawlers for your everyday ski and consider renting/demoing a POW ski on your trip in case it dumps:
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