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I would love to get a copy of the DVD Winter Equinox.  I will gladly trade you a CD of the Winter Equinox CD, please let me know



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 Copied from the Hot Dog thread.
Truly sad news. 

Originally Posted by chuck View Post

Wild Bill Burks and "Winter Equinox"

It is with great sadness that I inform the readers of Epic Ski and Hot Dog Freestyle the Old School that Bill Burks, the person who dreamed up and produced "Winter Equinox", a 73 minute documentary film that focused on John Clendenin, Ed Ferguson, Bob Salerno, and Roger Evans as they competed on the 1974 IFSA Freestyle Pro Tour, died Tuesday October 6. Bill passed peacefully in his sleep and will be missed by everyone who knew him. 

I'm posting this in reply to googlegurf's desire to produce an independent documentary about the early days of freestyle. He mentioned obtaining pre 1975 footage from Waterville Valley NH. Winter Equinox begins at Waterville (after a scene with John, Ed, and 2 naked ladies in a hot tub) and follows Clendenin, Ferguson, Salerno, and Evans through Waterville, Park City, Sun Valley, Jackson Hole, and the World Championships at Heavenly Valley.

Bill and I met in Vail CO shortly after I graduated and moved there in 1971. He had little experience in film making, but wanted to make a film on freestyle. As he put it, he wanted to do for freestyle what Endless Summer did for surfing. He and I shot and edited a short film, "Whoopie Jump, the First Time" while in Vail, and in 1974, he scraped together enough money for him, another cameraman, and me to document the IFSA Pro Tour. He had the foresight to choose Clendenin, Ferguson, and Evans as the skiers on whom we would concentrate our documentary efforts. Salerno came out of nowehere at Waterville, and agreed to join our gang.

I will always admire Bill for conceiving WE, putting the elements to shoot and record it together, working on post-production financing for another year, editing it, and ultimatley seeing it in theatres and, later, on TV. Many of us dream about doing so. He did it. And as I said at the outset, he did it with little or no film experience. 

I have written about WE on this thread and have sent several DVDs to its readers, all of whom responded with very good reactions to our little ski film. I owe apolgies to many of you to whom I promised DVDs but have not yet sent them. Sometimes life gets in the way. In my case, work and a bout with cancer took precedence. I am working on assembling a new WE edit based on a better copy than what I used for the DVDs I've been sending out, newly found narration tapes (in addtion to directing and producing, Bill narrated WE), and the original music score, but in stereo. Once I'm done I'll make good on my promises.

Until then, I and everyone else who worked on WE, or knew Bill in later life, will miss him terribly.

Chuck Boone
La Crescenta CA

While this brings sadness to my heart, I will surly celebrate this man's passion and vision.
Thank you for sharing.
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Hi Chuck,

My name is Darryn Shewchuk, my freind Les Anthony (editor of SKIER) would like to get a copy of the DVD. Can you make that happen? I live and work in Revelstoke and would also love to get a copy. I can be reached on Facebook or at my work email - hope to hear from you!


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Myself and a freind Les Anothony (Editor of SKIER) would love to get copies.

Darryn Shewchuk
Mica Heli Guides
Revelstoke BC
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Hi Chuck -- Wow, your film Winter Equinox sounds really cool.

I'm a bit of a red herring here since I'm a figure skater, not (yet! :-) a skier, but I recently saw some videos on youtube of ballet skiing, and some of the spins and turns look at lot like what is possible in ice skating, and I've become pretty excited wanting to try it out.  (Of course, I'm sure I have much to learn before even getting to that point.)

I'd really like to see the film, but I looked on google and eBay without success.  Is it still possible that I might be able to get a copy from you?  I would of course be willing to cover any duplication/shipping costs.

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Sounds like Chuck has a lot on his plate. I sent him a pm a while ago about a copy of WE but have not heard back. Does anyone know the status of his latest  re-edit? Does anyone want to part with a current copy of WE?

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equinox lp.jpg

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I thought I'd bump this thread since Chuck is active in the Hot Dog thread.  It appears that the movie poster is on Amazon.  Also a new high resolution version is being screened by Chuck Boone and John Clendenin at Sun Valley.  Good choice to do this April Fools Day.



Originally Posted by chuck View Post

For any of you who will be in Sun Valley this week for Bernie Weicshel's Hall of Fame event, Friday night, April 1, 9:30PM, John Clendenin and I will show Winter Equinox at the Sun Valley Opera House. Free! A bunch of Freestylers who competed in the 1974 Tour and who are in WE will participate in a meet & greet at 9PM, followed by a short "teaser" Brian Gilmore has put together for his History of Freestyle project, followed by WE.


I haven't sent out any more WE DVDs since the 2006 version I passed around a few years ago. The edit we'll show in SV is based on a 16mm print Bill Burks' daughter loaned me after he died in 2009. It's in much better shape than the 35mm print I'd been working with since 2005, and as a result, the picture and sound are greatly improved over what we had before.


We invite anyone who reads this thread and will be in SV to join us Friday.


Rock On!


This thread started before we had the ability to review DVDs and gear.  So it would probably help chuck if any of you who enjoyed the film could copy your review over to the Winter Equinox Movie  page and review it or add it to your items.

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Nice Bump Cirque!


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Originally Posted by Trekchick View Post

Nice Bump Cirque!


I learned from one of the best. yahoo.gif

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Thanks for your interest in the Winter Equinox restoration. Late last year Bill Burks' daughter loaned me Bill's 16mm first trial print of Winter Equinox. I made this print in 1976 and it's the only one I know of that shows the entire 16mm frame the way Tom Roshkind and I shot it. And unlike the 35mm WE prints that followed, Kodachrome is more resistant to fading and color shifts, and therefore has much better colors and sharpness than the 35mm theater print tape transfer I used for the 2006 WE edit. I also located the 1/4" tapes of the raw, uncut narration. And recently Dennis Dragon,  the person who produced the music, gave me 3 - 10.5" reels of 1/4" tape containing the original 2-channel stereo music masters mixed down directly from the 16-track studio masters. All 28 cues we recorded for WE. I had Bill's print transferred to a 1080p uncompressed Quick Time file, the music transferred to a 96K 24 bit uncompressed TIFF file, and the narration to a 24 bit file. In plain English this translates to having everything I need to restore WE to better than its original appearance on DVD and BluRay. I'll keep you posted.

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Thanks Chuck.  Looking forward to the final product.  Sounds like it has been a lot of work to bring it together.  In the business I presume this is called a "labor of love".

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Please send me a PM with your email address. Thanks.


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Hi Chuck.  My "official" email is no secret here:


I sent you contact information separately



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           I know it's been several years since these postings but I've been on a search for about a year now for a copy of Winter Equinox.  Just wondering if there is anyway you might see fit to allow me to purchase a copy?  Happened to see a bit of it this past spring in Lake Tahoe and was utterly amazed. 


Thank you so much for your help,
Jose' A. Miranda

Mobile:  330-815-0623


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Chuck is back and has posted a trailer in the Hot Dog thread. yahoo.gif

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My Dad Is Rick Wood and he lived in Crested Butte and skied with all those guys too! I was wondering what the video is that you are discussing?





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oh wait I am watching it you have anything that may have my dad in it?

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