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Another what boot to buy question ... sorry

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My son-in-law to be, has skied 2-3 times about 10 years ago and has not gone since. Our family religiously makes a trip to the Rockies at least once a year and thus ... we've got to get the boy fixed up with some gear.

He's a beginner, 6'-2", 200lbs or so, with a size 13 foot, wide toe area, medium instep height, and normal-average heel width.

We want to get him some boots as a wedding present, so: given the above measurements, etc which brand, and model would be a good one to grab? I know we should be sitting down with the boot fitter, but we want this to be a surprise. Would really appreciate a suggestion-recommendation on the manufacturer and/or model, et al.

Ciao ...
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Here's what I would suggest, choose a price point you want to spend, go to your favorite boot fitter and tell him your situation and ask if he would sell you a pair of new boots that are in the ball park, wrap them up and give them to your new son in law, then have him take them to the bootfitter and see if they will work or if there is a better model, brand for his feet in the same price point and trade them out if necessary. He will be suprised and thrilled and he will ultimately get the right boot for him in the end fitted by the boot fitter!

I have done this for a few customers with great success!
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as Bud says that is the way forward

we used to give the client a voucher and a pair of kiddys single clip boots....it meant they had to come back to us to get the boot sorted rather than trying on the boot and thinking it was just about right and not having the job done properly

it caused a few laughes as well
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Now, I like that idea!! Maybe throw in some "edgy wedgies" too!
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Bud Cem nice idea.
I'm going to resurrect the old boots that were slated for the dump.
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Lou, tis a pleasure


the marketing dept
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Any chance you'll be leaving the rain for some time here in the sun?

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i may be going to stratton in sept, i need some CEP's for my C.Ped and now they have changed the rules i can't do so many over here, i would say it was sunny here , it was this morning
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Well unfortunately just being on the other side of the pond doesn't make Stratton near Calgary. If you come further west let me know.

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