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Alright so I didn't ski on the big one, but there was plenty of snow and an alpine climb was more of the objective. It was a nice change seeing skiers skinning up the snowfields on massive vert runs, especially when I was coming out from 90F temps in the northeast.
We climbed the Dissapointment Cleaver route (standard cattle route) with the exception of it being in whiteout conditions on summit day. Summit crater was reached but not crossed. Most climbers I've spoken to regard that technically as a summit although the register sits across the crater rim 200 feet above (which would have been stupid if not impossible to cross in the conditions we had)

enjoy the 2 vids, I acclimatized 2 days before making the trip from 5400 to 10,040 and overnighting there

and the climb

tragically a couple and their friend had a nasty time on the very snowfield near anvil rock (which I crossed/passed a total of 4 times that week) during the brunt of the blizzard that hit us on the way down. The husband died of hypothermia/exposure and the wife/friend had severe frostbite/hypothermia.
A beautiful mountain but to be respected...