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Flying with mono-ski

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How is everone flying with their mono-ski? The airlines are now charging $25.00 for the first checked bag and up to $200.00 for their 2nd bag, if oversized! I fly with my kbg mono in an Easton hockey bag and my ski bag. I try to pack all my equipment & clothes into both bags, keeping the weight under 50lbs, and my carry on. I fly several times a year to Colorado and Montana. The airlines were very strict with weight and size last year. Anyone have any advise or tricks?

Also wondering if anyone knows where I can get velcro straps for my bucket?
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The airlines have never charged me extra for my monoski. Ihave it set up on a mountain board, a big skateboard with big wheels, with an old ski binding. I cinch up the outriggers on it and tighten all the straps down. I did use a hockey bag when I flew with a handcycle last year, but breaking down the equipment is such a hassle.

I wouldn't recomend using velcro on a monoski. I know the Revolution comes with one, but they always seem to get caked in snow and ice. I"ve put snowboard bindings on my bucket and footrest on my KBG. They are easy to adjust with gloves on and the plastic is designed for the cold and doesn't break like the buckles you might get at a fabric store. Your local shop probably has some if you ask for them.
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IMO, if the airlines charge you guys for traveling with that stuff, their execs should be strung up by the balls before being sued under ADA laws.

How do they deal with your chair when you get on the plane? Do they count that as carry on?

Sorry, just needed to vent.
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Almost on this topic..
I've just bought a mono-sitski.. The Impact Evolution.. it's a new version of the original Swedish Impact ski.. whats so good about it is that is disassembled by undoing 4 -allen key'd bolts.. it breaks down easily in a couple of minutes, seat and all and fits into any box
Length 70cm Width 45cm Depth 25cm with loads of spare room.. Its also light.. ~11kgs Ohlins shocks..
Its probably a beginners ski.. I'm an intermediate with attitude but its certainly good enough for me.. I think it skis much like the RPC (I've had about 30 hours 'flying' on one of those)
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How is everone flying with their mono-ski?
Everyone? Everyone?
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