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Good grief guys.

On the bright side - if everyone stays away that means more powder for me.

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Sorry for jumping in too late, but I don't think graydogg did anything inappropriate, other than failing to go through all the posts on this issue (as if anyone could blame hime for that. : ).
TWICE he said "if I am wrong about this, I apologize". Why couldn't you accept that? Bad behavior, indeed.
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I would submit that taking a group of customers to task, and taking that threatening tone, for wanting to ski at "his" resort is an unwise tactic for a service provider to take; and secondly, threatening to take his marbles and go home is similarly unwise, for he is declining an invitation to get to know his customers.

Graydogg does not know the first thing about marketing. The first thing about marketing is: never close the door on a customer relationship.

Graydogg got dinged for throwing his weight around without getting to know the lay of the land. That was fair, by my lights.
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What can I say , Graydogg, Her Highness has spoken. Sorry.
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Greydogg, I don't quite understand. I've been to camps (paid) with groups like the DesLauriers at different mountains and although these areas were not the DesLauriers "home hill" there didn't seem to be any animosity with the host mountain. They probably have some type of agreement, and in some cases they use instructors from the ski school, but I didn't get the feel that there was such a closed door policy from those areas as it appears with Snowbird.
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There would have to be some latitude at snowbird as well since the PSIA Academy was held there this year. If the policy were truly "closed" to the mountain ski school there is no way that would have been possible. I suspect it's the fact that they thought it might be a rogue group trying to "get away with something".
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Hey Graydogg, stick around. For every manipulative, thin-skinned psiazombie on this board, there's plenty of people who're interested in your information and who know how to turn down the 'white noise'.

Bob Barnes's homehill... what's the name of that cute little place in Mars Hill between the tater fields again? BigRock? FlatRock? Great memorys...

Guru: "The only thing that can be harder is mental..."
Yeah, I've always found it MUCH easier controlling myself on 45 degree raincrust than on that beastly 10 degree stuff.

Timber - If you're self-motivated and don't want to spend a ton then Philths suggestion is the best - find some locals at a _steep_ hill and start doing laps. Colorado does not have any steeps BTW, so don't bother looking there for that kind of camp.
If you like the group-organized thingy, then SCSA & Lucky's suggestion, the Egan/Delaurier camps looked like they were run very professionally. They do them at different locations in NA thru the season. They seem to cater to advanced and expert skiers who haven't yet much steep experience. They video during the day and critique at a quiet bar apres ski with generally good enthusiastic instruction.
If you like the group thingy and are a very good skier, again Philths advice on Coombs' Verbier or La Grave camps probably as good as you'll find anywhere.
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Cheaps, I would have to disagree with you - Crested Butte.
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that was the problem with Graydogg's original post - no information about the steep camps at the Bird, just information about why we can't come and play there.
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cheap seats, how do you know CO doesn't have any steeps, your from NE. Come out here and I'll show you something steep. What I mean is we do alright at Highlands, CB, and Telluride. Plus in the spring the OB is good.

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Cheap- its Big Rock. Julie Parisien's home mountain too I think.
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