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Flex index, how useful?

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I've got a pair of 08 Dalbello Krypton Pro boots (set up with the medium tongue and anti vibration footboard)

How does this compare to my Nordica Beast 10 (80 flex) and Head Mojo Heatfix (set for 100 flex)?

Any other observations regarding these three boots?
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Rossi Smash,

This is a difficult question to answer with the info presented. The Dalbello has two different thickness shims that slip between the to lower leafs to adjust the flex of that boot and they can each be placed in various locations again changing the flex. That is one variable.

Secondly, though there is a movement toward a standardized flex index rating between manufacturers, it hasn't been universally adopted yet to my knowledge, so the flex rating on the Dalbello (if there were one) and the Nordica and the Head would be difficult to compare apples to apples.

Ultimately the best way to answer your question is to try each boot on side by side and flex them and you be the judge.
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Thanks Bud...

I think that IF the manufactuers ever do use a common index it could be a useful tool, but in the end we still need to compare...side by side. It could help to zero in on which boots to put in "the lineup".

btw....the "listed" specs for the Krypton Pro are (100-140)
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I agree Rossi, but this will still be difficult because of various hinge points, materials, designs, etc. which characterize the flex of a boot. So HOW this flex rating is tested will affect the ratings. It's muddy water at best.
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Material thickness, overlap design (how much wrap, ? blocking, etc), and leverage (cuff height, hinge points) make the comparison of flex numbers almost irrelevant IMO....
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Numbers give relative information about what manufacturer thinks of the flex of their boot in terms of the overall scale of about 50-150. In other words you'll gain more useful information by checking it out yourself.
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The majority of manufacturers use the same test for rating boots, liner in, firmly closed and resistance tested. The difference between 2 boots in a shop if rated the same or similarly is down to temperature, closure and pigmentation.
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It seems you may be closer to this than the rest of us. Can you discuss more about the possible scale and what for instance the force would be to flex a 110 boot to its limit. I expect you use Nm.

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Yes Lou, Boot at 15°, wrapped around a Pneumatic leg, boot flexed 30,000 times, dived by 30,000 to denote flex.
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Flexed through 10°, Lange 7° not sure about the RL12 though due to the more upright stance, more likely, 10°.
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