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2002 Olympics - great, good, bad, who cares?!

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Just wondering what you all have gotten out of these Winter Olympics?

With my volunteer experience up at Snowbasin over, I can say that I had an excellent experience with great races and lots of interesting people. The bits and pieces of coverage that I've been able to see has been quite good and compared to my memories of Nagano and past Winter Olympics, I think this may go down as one best run and most competitive Winter Games yet.

What do you think?! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I can only comment on wat I have seen on tv. The coverage sucked! No coverage on MSNBC, and CNBC showed nothing but hockey (not bad, but to waste every intermission and the slack time after games with useless commentary was stupid) and curling. The NBC, showing only 3.5 hrs a day of tape delayed coverage, would show only the wimmers and Americans in whichever competition they decided to show, except, of course, for ice skating, which they previewed, showed practices, reviewed, showed and exhibition, and reruns upon reruns and interviews on top of interviews.

So, in gener, I was mostly just annoyed with the Olympics this year, and did more channel surfing than actually watching (or so it seemed). :
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The Olympics are only once every four years, and I have been so psyched to watch them. However, the covered by NBC has sucked a$$. They waste too much time running those stories on athletes, instead of showing the whole competitions. They have given so little airtime to alpine skiing. They have totally hyped up all the wrong athletes. NBC didn't speak of Bode Miller until he won Silver in the combined. All we heard of was Dahron Rahlves. Bode is freakin' awesome and he needs to be given mad props. If I and most everyone I know had it our way, then all networks would cover the games and we all could watch whatever we wanted!!
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Ah Grasshoppers in the Olympics, as in life, one must savor the small bits of true pleasure (aka wathcing the sking) while pretending to enjoy all the other glup (curling, hockey etc) that goes with it...

That said i agree with the others but still love the Olympics. when you think o all the hard work hopes and dreams all the athletes and their friends relatives coaches etc put in for just these few fleeting moments when it all lives or dies you can't help but get excited even for the Curling.

I do wish they'd show more of the actual event and if they're going to insist on featuring an athlete make it somebody interesting and GOOD. I'd much rather hear more about Janica K than any of the American women who all just tanked But despite it all I still love the olympics

Oh! my biggest complaint is these wanker so-called journalists with who go on and on about the bribary scandle and the fixed judging and all this negative stuff without pointing out that all this has been a part of the O since the Greek times. Welcome to the real world people!!!!
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What I've liked:
Good TV coverage on BBC & Eurosport (but the Beeb really was good)
The curling
The crowd haven't been as partisan as I've noticed US crowds at other events (e.g. Ryder Cup)
Michelle Kwan dancing to Eva Cassidy's version of Feilds of Gold at the Gala. (just watching it now)

What I haven't liked:
The complaining and threats about judging.
The judging
The British results (ha ha)
The vitriolic posts made here

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yes nbc's coverege did suck the big one.
We had live feed in one of our emplyee dinning rooms ( with out editing and commenting. But then when i watched the evening show, you wouldn't believe how much they cut out.
And today Saturday, why wouldn't they show the Men's Slalom live??

As for a personal expreance. It has been A W E S O M E!!!!! hard work,long hours, many highs, and not so many lows.
Downtown SLC and Main Street Park City has been one HUGE party. Open containers every where
If the games ever come back, i hope that by then, there is a TV network that won't be afrid to show the games live,,,, then do a evening show of the days event. Seems like when i grew up in the 70's that's what ABC did, could i br wrong?
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This Olympics has been disappointing because of the horrid coverage by NBC. They have turned everything into a short, shallow 'People Magazine' snippet. You have to wait through endless commercials and NBC promos to see a brief moment of competition. You don't get to see rising stars from other countries & even from the US. The only sports that got decent coverage were hockey & figure skating.
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My feelings exactly. To others about NBC and their sister cable networks coverage, I also agree, but I had the CBC as a wonderful and timely viewing alternative.

Today for the Hockey Game it will be the CBC and a chance to hear to wonderfully comical and obnoxiously funny Don Cherry commentary about what is going on. For many years, Saturday night in Canada was "Hockey Night." For many of those years Don Cherry has offered his colorful commentary and intrepretation of the game. Doing the same at the Olympics. I hope Vancouver gets the 2010 Olympics and he is still here to offer his outlandish opinions.

Hell, I hope I am still here so I can get another one of those Roots...."whatever will be the hot item for those games."

I hope I am still skiing and getting away with it....
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